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The New York Giants they play Monday night against the Buccaneers. And the Los Angeles charges who played Denver on Sunday. This is something we've gotten used to. At the very beginning of the season. My first thought was always that game in jeopardy. Now we're gonna have to hear a lot more before we wonder if the game is in jeopardy. I also it does occur to me considering the discussion we just had about Justin Turner. Whether my first reaction when I hear that a person has tested positive for the Corona virus should be is their game going to get played this weekend? That is where we've gotten, and I suppose on some level that's good news. But the overwhelming majority of these people are fine and they're going to be fine. It does not mean that they shouldn't be taken seriously. It does not mean that all of them are going to be fine. And there are real concerns will see. At this moment. It appears both those games are going to be played until we hear further about it. Greeting with you. Presented by progressive insurance and progressive, they're making things even easier. They'll help you Bundle your home and car insurance together so you can save on both. Learn more progressive dot com or call 1 800 progressive. Okay. I told you that I would take a side. In what has become I think one of the loudest debates in sports And that is in the wake of the way the World Series ended the other night. Not when Justin Turner was on the field, but well before that. When Blake Snell was pulled after 73 pitches. Didn't get a chance to be Sandy Koufax or Bob Gibson. Instead, his team surrendered the lead and they lost. Question about analytics got loud people are all of a sudden deciding analytics are going to be the death knell of baseball and maybe sports as we know them, And I will say this. There are two completely separate discussions to be had. One of them is about whether analytics are bad for sports because they take the fun away from it because the things they make teams do make the game's less appealing. That is one very legitimate conversation. The other is about whether they are the best way to win. The second one is easy, So let's start with that. If you don't think Analytics are a useful tool and winning games in sports. And what you should do. Is you should when you go to the racetrack, you should just pick horses based upon which one you think is the prettiest. Or which one's name appeals to you the most You should disregard everything else you might find in a racing form. Even better. You should pick stocks based upon how much you like the names of the companies or how many letters there are in the name or if you've ever heard of them before. Disregard information that might help you make an informed decision. You wouldn't do that. Because you're not an idiot. And neither are the people running sports teams and making decisions. Analytics are a great example of something that has turned into a hot button topic because we've attached ah fancy or frightening word to a very simple concept Analytics are just the things that have happened. Atul. They are They're just telling you what's happened. In the past, this has happened. Use that information to make your decisions. This is generally speaking, what becomes Of This circumstance act accordingly. That's what analytics tell you. And if you ignore that With all due respect, you're an idiot. So when you go play blackjack. If you are at a table with someone when you're playing blackjack. And that person has 16. And the dealer has a king and this is the very beginning of the shoe and that person sticks get up and walk away from the table. Just leave. You don't want to play at a table with that person. Because you're just going to be frustrated all night. Because they're getting it wrong. That's not how you play blackjack. That's not how you tilt the odds as close as you possibly can to being in your favor. They're never going to be in your favor. If you could tell the odds and black Jack to being in your favor, and they wouldn't have all those huge buildings in Las Vegas. You can only get them to 48% or something like that in your favor. And so the house winds 52% of the time they don't mind you winning. You're 48. They won't let you win 50. So in sports. This is the way these things go. I said it yesterday. I'll say it again. Kevin Cash, saw the data. He knew the information and he did. He made the right decision based upon the information. Now, if you have 16 and the dealer is a king, and you get an eight, it doesn't mean you did the wrong thing. The right thing doesn't work every time. Do you know why? Because nothing works every time. You make the best decision based upon the information. Now. Is there a little bit of this? That is an art and not a science, of course. Of course, the manager could look at the picture and say This looks different to me. This is an outlier. If when I do it by my numbers if the analytics dictate that I do it a certain way. And if I do it that way, it will work 60% of the time. That means there's the other 40%. You can bet on the other 40% if you want to. The point is just bear in mind. You're going against what the numbers dictate is the smartest decision. So I'm not sitting here. I'm telling you, he made the right decision. Obviously, the right decision is the one that works. But I'm telling you if faced with that decision, in the absence of having seen it happened, he would do it again. And he wasn't wrong. It wasn't wrong. Now. As far as whether it has a positive or negative impact on the sports that we love. That's an entirely different question, because there's no science involved in that. I would argue of the three sports that I follow the most closely that this has impacted. It has had a negative effect on basketball. It has had a devastating effect on baseball. And has had a positive effect on football. Effect on football is The analytics Tell.

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