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A now some things. We really don't have time to quilt those. We started how it ended memes. Well it starts with trump's press secretary lying about the size of the crowd that came out to what trump get sworn in an ended with trump's press secretary lying about the size of the crowd that came out to protest trump getting fired. Nancy bobby kayleigh mcenany claimed on twitter. That more than one million people descended on washington. Dc last weekend for the always ambitiously named million mega march unfortunately for caley. They're still that same old problem. That foiled sean spicer back in two thousand and sixteen which is some people own cameras images of the show. Maybe a few thousand and even trump philip cable channel. One american news network claimed it was tens of thousands. If you'd like to do your in comparison just look up a picture of the two thousand seventeen. Women's march in dc in which over half a million people made their feelings about trump very clear channel. The bogota in depth events without the acting chops cousin vinny but without any sense of irony in the wicked witch of the west but without integrity. Rudy giuliani when full timber. Would couple pulse when he broke into a sweat. Oppressor telling us. Seventy lies defensive. Trump's ongoing conspiracy theory junk pile actual head started actually melting. Apparently you can smell crimes and eddie told us that you don't need to smell as he's got the evidence to show us the even looked under the podium at one point to find the fbi wisdom looking under house for the evidence. Content with heating. Up the old conspiracies bruti thankfully for awhile away from the mic. Louise nose into handkerchief folded it out and then what do around his bullshit leaking bikes in an echo. Of princess. diana's night just telling us that everything about this is unreal and ugly since the election. We can see it for the dnc that it is a palpable sense of relief. That we know that is not as black as rudy paints it. They say you learn something new everyday and aside from just crazy trump lawyer. Sydney pound is recently. We all learn to thanks. The presidential transition act of nineteen sixty three the decision whether the president-elect gets to officially start his transition process comes down to the whim of one person in this case emily murphy. The current administrator for the general services administration is her job to provide the appropriate resources and funds to the apparent successful candidates for the office of president and vice. President says that they can saw hiring staff and getting ready to govern unfortunately when applying for the job. Nobody asked if she understood what. The words apparent successful candidates actually meant a now. She seems confused about who won. It's almost as if she's a shameless. Trump loyalist refusing to do have fucking job. The good news is that on the day. This episode comes out. She will be appearing before congress to answer some questions and one of the people asking. Those questions is the always amazing representative katie porter. Who's bringing the popcorn in similar. Show us the evidence conway well-known. No me neither. Cyber investigative victim devers says that he has the evidence he hacked into trump's twitter account. Twitter says there's no evidence of hack and from what we can see. If gave his activities. there wouldn't be because he apparently signed using trump's name and guests these password. It was mike twenty twenty but both trying though because apparently what house of time and instigated cinder confirmation to your cell phone saying off the victim. Self-confidently them for weeks weeks damage was the dutch releases..

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