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And you know it's almost inconceivable when you. Look at the Alabama unit and compare them with others. How good a great, I should say is this wide receiver union as good as any in the country as good as I can really remember recent memory. I mean Jerry duty when the Belinda cough and you could talk about is he the most explosive guy or is it any rugs or Jalen Waddell, they all do different things? And you know remember last season devante Smith was injured for most of it but he's still a guys who caught the game winning national championship winning touchdown. As as a freshman, he's very skilled receiver. And when you go forth, deep like that it's really something. And like I said with the I think what's going to be a little bit of shift in what they do. Not having the same experiences pass catcher tied in, I think we're gonna see this group of receivers make even more plays with a quarterback into its Isla who you know, when you look at the schedule for Alabama, it looks like they're going to be able to have their way. I'm very interested to see how many yards. They picked up through the air because there's plenty of receivers who are or capable of making a play. And now someone brought up Najah Harris yesterday and really for the first time in a while. He he's got the he's got the ball to himself. At least went out Emma runs the ball versus the last couple of years, when Jacobs and certainly Damian Harris and others prior were more featured in prominent, but, but he came in a couple years ago, it was one of the top running backs album has signed a long time. Tremendously talented running back that part is never been to question with them. It's more been can't he do all of the little things you ask running back to do in Alabama's offense, which means catching the ball out of the backfield and helping protect the quarterback when you're called on do so. And frankly, this isn't a knock on nagae nece there when you have a guy like Damian Harris and Josh Jacobs ahead of you those guys do those things a little bit better railed play. And maybe overshadow him. A little bit, even though he did have his foam. It's he's a guy who has a very high ceiling thing could do a lot of really special things in this offense, especially if he gets those little things down. He has a little bit. He has a little bit of everything is who box in terms of speed the acceleration and the powers as a running back. I'm interested to see how that whole unit sort of shakes out 'cause Najji has the ability to be that feature back. The guy thinks a lot of people aren't talking about right now, who could be sort of Josh Jacobs guy that comes out of nowhere. Brian Robinson, if he gets more touches him in Najji together, could be a really terrific Tam. Remaining moments you did a sophomore for every school, and we mentioned a couple, but as you look at that list, no particular order or preference here. But what other names stood out in your reporting and, and would you suggest that we pay the closest amount of attention to their to particularly in the SEC, I think are worth watching one Gitari Whitlow? Booby willow at Auburn. I really liked what I saw from him last year. The power that he had is not a huge running back. He has that I and can break tackles and win. He's healthy looked as good as any young running back. I saw in college football last year. And you look at what burns offense might have to do with an inexperienced quarterback, whether that's a true freshman in Bonex, or second year guy like Joey Gatewood they're gonna be leaning on him. So he's one and the other one for me is is as on at LSU defensive end slash. Outside linebacker. He had a huge game in that season opener coming out party and then got injured and was lost for the year..

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