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Jeff and we've been talking about this incredible crime wave hundred eighteen car stolen in milwaukee this week and with a conscious saying well a cold car is better than no car that is not the response i want to hear from any police department on inferring that somehow we are responsible because well maybe some of our cars have been running and and and again in this story that wtmj four this this story it actually says here on read verbatim the police you they can't say how many of these vehicles were running when they were stolen that's all i need to hear is like wait a minute you even know how many your assuming it was a lot but you don't know and for that matter how do they not know if there is a police report one hundred eighteen vehicles stolen presumably there had one hundred eighteen reports you didn't ask how many hundreds of police not know how many of those vehicles were were right i just don't get the sense that we are hold a glimpse at the bar high enough for our local leaders they're the ones were supposed to be protecting us and our property hundred eighteen stolen cars health doesn't sound as if they're doing a very good job if you wanna talk me megan can sneak in right now four one four seven nine nine one six twenty that's the accunet mortgage talk and text line gerry jackson you're on wtmj how you doing their gary thank you for taking my call uh what you want people don't realize it's.

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