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Westwood one a bill reviews scot graeme and boulware song is a breakdown alba matchups of events the show wide you could knowledgeable upon guinness version that westwood one scorch done dumb i listen i enjoy it i get notes for why game were gave in the nfl i do it i get paid for oh that's a lot i don't know exactly what i know what you pay fifty bucks plus cop apple only though is quoted article v jane it shut down in freeing it's a shuttle pastor kelsea for the third time the night the tide and caught it run drought over the garbage broke up with a 22 yardline cooks look for enhancer first down so the chief trying to get some breathing space trailing twenty seven 21 as we start the fourth quarter the chiefs buber in the sport moving from our right to our let me kevin this is where you have to rely on experience spurious quarterback your experience tight end at your guy young players all around you especially guys are going to handle the ball right now you've got to remind them rapped the ball up the last thing we can do here is turned before paulo first down in jail in the shotgun the quarterback i'm a truth with three touchdown passes tonight hill in motion from the 22 gets the spat props back good time looks like much right winds up one passed down the middle it's an open for the running back cut aquatic down the number thirty two the 20 per to tackle ten touch seventy yards who rookie running back passed down the middle and then was chased dividend john chief slipped tied the game hurley i'm a poor third twenty seven at water fraud by out smith right down the middle the pill this karim hot is running down the middle field against call banned loyd no way with that in a way that might have been marsh there's no way that they could stay with him i gotta tell you this young running back wilder he looks like a wide receiver covered right down the middle of the field and make say just a seamless catch running backs don't look like this this kid is special and what a special night he's happen alex smith has thrown four touchdown passes wanner seventy five at one for seventy eight extrapoint try.

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