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And S. T. coming up we're gonna talk to you about violent coaches there's there'd be an overwhelming amount of it's really kind of scary how how many violence coaches are adults who are supposed to be educating children how many of them in teaching children how many of them get violent when it comes to especially the sporting events that they'll step parents do it too but how many how many parents get involved there we'll talk about that gets reaction that's come up a little later on also going to talk about a lawsuit where someone wants to become rich over grown now it's very important pronouns are over the school house rocks from when I was growing up very very important anyway right now this is just a I saw this talking about I it's not funny if true okay that that that cap yachts if true not funny but still kind of interesting a six year old British girl was stunned when she went went to write a Christmas card and instead found a desperate plea for help claiming to be from a prisoner forced into slave labor in China true story well true story that they that about that story is true a little Florence Whitcomb says she spotted the alarming message inside one of the cards that were brought bought from a London branch of Tesco one of the UK's leading supermarket chains the message it which is neatly inside the card with a cat wearing a Santa hat on the front reads we are foreign prisoners in Shanghai king poo prison in China forced to work against our will please help us and notify humans rights organizations of their read the all caps message the hill London school girl for a little girl the finest in a Christmas card thank goodness gracious whatever will I do I'm sure that's exactly what you said the message she said made me feel shocked as well as sad when her parents explained what it could mean Florence's father been with a calm at first didn't believe it soon there was some sort of press prank but on reflection Peter Humphries's name I know you said a bed when it comes as name he said we realized it was potentially quite a serious thing he contacted journalist Peter Humphrey who was himself imprisoned there four years ago as the message had requested that said there is something about the message hitting home at Christmas time that really does make it very poignant and very powerful Tesco this past week and announced that it was also taking it seriously halting production and launching an investigation into the Z. J. young young Quang printing maybe I don't know if I said that right the Chinese supplier hired to make the cards the company said in a statement we I we have poor the use of prison labor and would never allow it in our supply chain but if you're working with China odds are pretty good for crying out loud young children are forced to work in factories in China if you're getting some that made in China odds are pretty good you've got somebody who's suffering odds are pretty good you're dealing with a prisoner a child forced into labor at a young age it turned a blind eye to whatever you want to but trump's wrong for putting tears but still that's probably going on the company claims previous audits it showed no signs of prison labor being used you know I happened by the way when the audit they fly down there where they hire a company to fly down there and look at the factory the I think they take them into the prison did you think they take them into where the children are working now they go happy adults who get twenty hour break sand to sit on cushions and there's air conditioning all like and stuff not really happening but the poor little girl it defines might we used to do similar thing my boss when I was younger hated me I worked at an amusement park and I used to go into his personal printer and I would take a piece of paper that was like ten or twelve paces and and I would write in a highlighter so he might not see it right in a highlighter really really big help I am being held captive please save me and I would put it in the printer to print out something later on down there it reminded me of the same thing except I was joking I don't know if this is necessarily a Joe this could actually be a prisoner a western prisoner being held in China and forced the package Christmas cards to send home that's that's a form of torture in and of itself here this is what's going on back home where you don't get to go anymore because you're a horrible infidel but you pack the Christmas cards and think about your family going through.

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