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This competition was a puzzle and we've got in a puzzle that has multiple solutions and also involved having heavy pieces. Yes different weight. It seems like it was kind of like a physical google. Puzzle might wanna call it. I don't know if it was one of the i was picturing something that was kind of similar to the where they have like a bunch of things they have to hang up and balance them sort of that type of thing the they might have had to like run grabbing so yes yeah they we were dressed up in in like bathing suits and could each gear which is important actually but but yes so jackson wins the veto and when the feeds come back nicole is is laying in front of the diary room door and tommy. Tommy is going to in his in his beach gear. You do like a slow baywatch. Ask slow motion run. He's twirling his shirt. He runs and he goes and he grabs. He picks up nicole off the floor and he's like oh. We need to save her and holly is running in <hes> next to him in her in her bathing suit with with with like the buoy thing like oh we gotta savour in in tommy brings her over to the to the table and he sets her down there. Playing baywatch and christie is right there and mary sorry christie just lost veto <hes> how could they you can't have fun. It's so insensitive insensitive. It's extremely insensitive. It's unbelievable. She thought tommy was her friend. No no no no no. He is <music> only here for the jokes. Yes so very quickly after the feeds come back from christie losing via to jackson christie is going to head straight great upstairs to the have not room bawling her eyes out sobbing. Inconsolably assists is going to be extremely dreamily pissed. I can't believe them effing. Tommy how dare he played baywatch. That's not cool. That's insensitive live in chris <hes> and how dare he and his basically what i expected from jackson when i yeah i mean look christie is emotional and as we know she only cries when negative negative things happened to her just cried forces earlier because angel it's not it's not nice that she's on the block. I i think that we should have had more celebrating in the house. Look the houses just channeling the outside world and they know that it's it's kristie eviction party coming up and i you know how are you supposed to not play baywatch when you're wearing bathing suits so to break this down. The reason christie's really upset is not that tommy was playing baywatch. It's the tommy was playing baywatch with holly right and as we all know the most surefire way to know if people aren't alliances together play watch together. If not who you sleep in the bed with is not what room you're in. It's who you hang out with at all time. It's only <music> who you run in slow motion with bathing suits. Those who watch together final two together right or saying hello bay watch h-have hebei just get to the final two so so so christie is is upset that tommy is playing with holly and it's and really what it comes down to is that she's upset that he wants to continue to play the game with holly moving forward that he keeps trying to get her to make peace with holly in jackson. She knows the once she leaves. He's going to go to holly in jackson and still work with them and she said that the universe will be messed up if they let holly jackson get to the finals and so she is she's just upset she you know she he is supposed to be her friend from outside the house for years and years and years and and she looks like a fool because she's going in one direction and he's going in another direction and it just sucks yeah i mean she says like i should have known that are our games would wouldn't be aligned. The whole time is just because we knew each other. It's not like we've known each other for his seven years or anything. <hes> tommy's like it's.

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