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Or is the morning this the crowd fairly smarts as you can imagine even that early hour, but there was an unexpected pair of visitor's President Donald Trump and first lady Melania entered the rotunda, the president's saluted Malania place her hand over her heart. They bowed their heads and said a prayer. That's FOX's Doug mckelway tomorrow prison in trouble. Joining living presidents at a funeral at the National Cathedral. A military honor guard was there is the flag. Draped casket arrived at the capitol. This hero has returned to the capital of final. Tom. Not on the front porch of our democracy. This time. But here in its hallowed cathedral. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell of the ceremony laying wreaths with other congressional leaders for President Bush will be returned to Texas tomorrow after the funeral he'll be laid to rest next to his wife. Barbara's grave had his library in college station. Texas congress is working on a plan to give itself. Two more weeks to work out budget differences to avert a government shutdown would extend the funding deadline, December twenty first President Trump amping up the pressure to get five billion dollars for the border. Wall tweeting, quote, we would say billions of dollars if the Democrats give us the votes to build the wall either way people will not be allowed into our country illegally. We will close the entire southern border. If necessary that's FOX's Todd pyro US soldier in Hawaii scheduled be sentenced today for trying to help the Islamic state group. Sergeants a Kaik accounting pleaded guilty expected to receive a twenty five year sentence..

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