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Minister Hubert menaces downtown grand Bahama is under three feet of water including the ground floor of the hospital correspondent Hattie Kauffman has been riding out the storm in Freeport on grand Bahama everyone is in the dark there is no power the wind is still howling there are times when it sounds like a jet engine. wearing next to your head and the storm surge remains a major concern. it was a prediction that raises as much as twenty three that is pretty much of this island under water the United States Coast Guard was said to be conducting rescue missions on Abaco island in the Bahamas thanks to hurricane Dorian airline flight cancellations will top twelve hundred on Tuesday as the storm remains a threat to the US from Florida to Georgia and the Carolinas flood where says the more than twelve hundred cancellations for Tuesday comes on top of nearly fourteen hundred on Labor Day. what we're finding out more about the West Texas gunmen the went on a shooting rampage Saturday killing seven people correspondent at Levin dera fill this in fifteen minutes before the thirty six year old government engaged in a deadly shooting spree he called the F. B. I. national tip line with a rambling incoherent series of complaints he had been fired from a truck driving job earlier in the day and also called nine one one but left the office before police arrived even before being fired law enforcement says he was starting to spiral until then vehicle bomb was set off close to a house compound housing compound used by international.

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