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Know went out there yesterday did his thing god bless them and you know what i wanna i almost want to pay a little almajali maxstyle probably be back smarter on this board a much better way but yet did you guys see who went out there much as the great ricky watters one said as steve young muchmaligned copes if you're going to know me get to know my go to a phrases in the ninety were i covered the fortynine erzen and steve young finally won the super bowl where he waters in a great rant he's he just he was steve young muchmaligned and i i just oh saddam toot out from off had just love a much maligned it's a great fraisse steve young muchmaligned the much maligned man who put up fifth 16 points at 11 boards as an oddson less oz aassir couple of blocks to don't forget it wasn't police only one it's funny you will pose voting lisa kudrow little low flamenco altro sega thank you probably for that gift harry was getting love from steve kerr whose great results were in sharp remains also professional i know things haven't gone his way past couple of weeks and but he's been working every single day are we landed last night he went straight to the german he keeps up his conditioning stays ready all time he stays positive and so i'm i'm thrilled was azazi withdrawal of all these guys looney they all stay ready they they understand that this is a job that has to be manned by many hands you know at certain centerbycommittee and they're already to tool beautiful thank you steve kerr for holding this as a haters at bay tony pro stays in conditioning smart player tough player physical player i support zaza pachulia i do meanwhile kevin durant talking about playing without his guy steps kevin durant as i said launched thirty two shots yesterday the most he's ever taken as a warrior this trying to figure out how to do it with us steph most from them this season was always tuna for.

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