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Me today V. expert when it comes to clematis we're back to Gorda Diana but I want to ask you question your tell me about a fantastic website the hell yeah good news yes it's called clematis on the web you can just Google that and it has a database of three to four thousand clematis and you can if you're interested in knowing more about a particular clematis you can look it up there you can see a picture of it you can know how long the vines get you could know what time of year it's likely to bloom are all kinds of fabulous information you can find out who it's parents were if that interest you clematis on the web clematis on the ramp okay all right hang on because we're going dead Diana right now over in Whitby island Hey Dan I think so much for calling it's great to talk with you Cisco I've called you before about bag worms said my wall made three our wine sap that was damaged but it's still doing that winds up feeling great okay but here's what it is Laura I'm sorry by the client emitters are an old iron wagon wheels and it sits up against the shop and drop old shady in the summer time zero one that would work in that area so you wanted to climb on the wagon wheel yeah.

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