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This. So the first thing I'll say is whether you agree or disagree with the sentiment. It is remarkably well done. And of course, that's Ken Griffey junior whom they call the kid, and he was criticized at one time in his career for having the hat on backwards. So it Ryan, I'll give you the floor. I we are in an era. Now where we see some of this several generations ago, none of this would have been acceptable baseball's taking a side on this debate. What do you think of it? I love it, love it. So when I first came into the league, it was not her. So a lot of the veteran guys would get on you if you're doing this doing that? I think it's great. I think it allows people to be able to go out and express themselves. I had a couple where I stood up there a little bit. You know, I, I've never was a bat flip kind of guy, but I was a guy that, hey, if I got you going to let you know about, I was gonna let your team know about it, but I think there's a way of going about it. It's still being respectful, but I think it would be able to express themselves a little bit and have fun. We're playing, it's a kids game. So you're grown man playing a kids games and you should be able to have. That emotion and be able to let it go out there and let us on a little bit high. He did it right, but Teesta way over the top. And you know what, when they do this now and we're going to do this and voted do that. If the, if the pitcher on the mound gets annoyed and once little retaliatory scenario and throws the ball inside, I don't want anybody saying hold on now. What are you doing that for? Because that's what's going to happen. Next, you're gonna win tag is the opposition and on the pitcher is gonna take in his own hands and he's gonna do something crazy. But what do you do when the pitcher strikes you out? Why hate that? And they fist pump. Any signs of motion innovators? I do I, this is this is about basically trying to appeal to the young kids love this about. I do a Chuck Noll used to say, okay, when you went into the end zone act like you've been near before this and I liked that aspect of it better. I know I grew up listening to you, but when did you become ninety? Have fun of this. I agree with don't celebrate something that is not worthy of celebration, but in a huge moment in the biggest games in the world where the fans are jumping up and down yelling and screaming, why shouldn't have you tweak sticking out his tongue at second base? I don't care one way or the, I think I think if week is doing that towards his dugout. That's one thing if he's doing it towards the other thing, the other team's dugout that's that's a completely different thing that's being disrespectful towards that other team. But if you're you're doing all these teams have these different science for win guys are hitting, singles, doubles homers, all different kinds of handshakes and all different kinds of actions and interactions. Where does that start though? Is the whole idea of not being disrespectful? They never talk about that in football. They don't talk about it in basketball where you're baseball player, where in your life did that begin to know where to start becoming grain in your head, whatever you do, don't disrespect the opponent that was just the again. It was the unwritten rule away and start when you were in literally. Yeah, it started pretty much. Yeah. When I was in little league when I was a little kid, it was like, hey, don't do this. Don't do that. Like that's not. That's not how the game is done. That's not how the game is played, but. It's a little kid's game like you're running around, you're having fun. You're getting dirty. You're not getting in trouble for getting dirty and and just enjoying it was a all the emotions that would be able to come out, especially like on the college level. I remember it's to me a lot of that kind of reminds me of when I was in college playing baseball to where it was a lot of Rah Rah and a lot of guys kind of jumping out of the dugouts running around and just the energy that you got watching these guys do this..

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