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CFB: Notre Dame at Louisville
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On first down for gate of eight outside linebacker Raji burns tackle that Robert Haines you Tommy Kramer right car right tackle really taking it right there to the little defense of creating space for Joan. opposition last time started with a pair of passes a start up round here now it's around the left side Jones across the forty out to the forty two yard line two one zero four one eight of eight and that one with four nine Jones making a cut like the sweet something into the garbage can waving his right arm across jump to the left get the first down first I did send three thirty left in the first quarter forty seven Louisville thirty below forty two yard line he was right it's not a little still has the ball rolls to his wife and finds out about. it's a three year starter on this card will take a little bit of miscommunication as well your book was looking for a continued rob from chase Claypool's stop them look deep to Chris who had double coverage about twenty five yards downfield excellent job getting out of the pocket forcing the ball out of bounds. all of the field. book all the food to your line now in the center free one he was white turns and heads off the total right so. forty two. second of all this Dr well one of the right side for Jones is going full force six of sixteen invites sixteen and not six because of Brock right and Chris both laying blocks. the spring for the run now inside the Louisville territory than one in three new defensive lineman inside of three minutes now for instance and Notre Dame drilling fourteen to seven. number forty three on the shock of what Paul takes puts it out towards peace was catch of his career. at least a forty seven yard line. behind the line of scrimmage made a move and sprinted forward for five yards Lawrence keys a player that coach Kelly told me he is ready is the guy didn't even see keys you can even see the field last year with the new red shirt rule and now he's already making an impact in this game second down five moving from right to left. Stephen Smith to the why the vehicle to the shop. the ball looks to his left now which. a mistake right there by two minutes so that kinda youth in terms of experience what is the book to save the Notre Dame iris. past the first down marker is right there for you but he just had to defend the right on the right away. third. instead of the fifty. in the middle of the Louisville cardinals. the field there are over fifty. still to this. two one two two was looking for thirteen. the motion to the right. your goal was just three underneath. the whole time all right there by coach Kelly Louisville had seven defenders between three and eleven your hearts for the line of scrimmage that's not a look you prepare for coming into this game. one twenty five left in the first quarter here's what's happened so far Notre Dame took the first Rodney to look easy it ended with the premier Smith three yard touchdown run noodls come back there to possessions had ended in the end zone. quarterback Joe one pass a pair of touchdown runs both extra points making it fourteen to seven Louisville overnight break Notre Dame one twenty five look to the first quarter during football kicks off the two thousand nineteen home schedule gets to Mexico September fourteenth limited tickets still available visit you indeed dot com slash buy tickets today. they run up the middle. thirty five yards posted. that's what you call a time all right there you want to drop sure there and Hey credit Brock right for big block downfield as well Tony Jones get the ball field who's the goal for but said they get inside to Jones Felix the eleven yard line. run.