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Wind range running. 4 to 3. The final score. Jim Powell on Braves radio. Jacob deGrom gave up a season high three runs all in the first inning still struck out 14/7 the ER A at 0.95. The Bruins. The Brewers have won nine in a row beat the Pirates, 72 is their longest winning streak. In seven years, seven straight wins for the Red Sox. They pounded the Royals 15 1 hitting four home runs. KC has lost nine straight. The Astros got a grand slam from Jose Altuve as they topped the Indian 70 to the All Star starters, announced Vlad Guerrero Jr. The leading vote getter, one of three Blue Jays who will start in the American League, along with Marcus Imean. In teh Oscar Hernandez. Other names Shohei Otani is going to be the D H and the L. Ronald Acuna Jr. Fernando Totti's junior highlight the National League, the pitchers and reserves they'll be announced on Sunday. The Jets have signed veteran offensive lineman Moses Morgan, who started every game for Washington each of the last six seasons. Speaking of Washington, the NFL finding them $10 million result of the league's investigation into the workplace Culture. Dan Snyder said in a statement that he is ultimately responsible for his wife, Tanya, the new co CEO will take over the day to day responsibilities and as the n I l arrogance underway. In college sports with these athletes, Reggie Bush says he wants his Heisman Trophy back. In a statement, Bush said it was his strong belief that he won the trophy solely due to hard work and dedication on the field. It was also his firm belief that his records should be reinstated. Bush had to give back the Heisman in 2010 and disassociate from USD for a total of 10 years because he and his family received Extra benefits while he was in school. Chris back to you. I want extra benefits. Me too. Yeah. I don't need like $10,000 to furnish my house. But you know a little bit here. There couldn't hurt, right. You know what I really like? Is the term lump sum. I want to lump sum. That's all. It never sounds like it's a little amount of money. You know, when you're getting a lump sum, you just You just figure you've got to rub your hands together. That's big cash. Yeah, Not an allowance. No. Yeah, a lump, sir. You know, I want to love something. It's my money and I want it now. What? It all now I want it all now. All right of every right. Alright again. Thanks, Chris. Yeah. Uh, the lump sum. You know, I just want to lump sum.

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