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No coming over his restaurant i have not it's good yeah really wanted to go down to his restaurant to do my podcast but rod smallwood refused that says the only way you can do this podcast is after you see the show you have to see the show i wanna talk to nikko maybe talk to what was if you're not talking about his ribs you'd go to the show then you can do it whatever you want to do i've heard so many did you have any issues like ever have a problem with the iron maidens now now they were so cool it's not like you know i've heard so many lake bon jovi goes after trivia bands or whatever it is and the iron maiden guys were nothing but supportive of us as enough rod has gotten involved he might not know but that about kiss tribute bands and he said they allow them to exist because it promotes the brand shop but he requires them to all sign a letter of thank you dear gene thank you for letting us do this to kiss the rain basically kissed the just the kiss ring tiny kiss gene always wins in the end so i guess that's how he gets out of i kind of think that's nice i think it's fair it's better this yes all just if you want yeah so would cause when you do there and maine's when i saw them the they opened with quicker be dead it wasn't like just typical run to the hills tell type stuff doing everything super deep we did reach out a couple times.

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