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Dan. Le batard show godson e._s._p._n. Radio and the e._s._p._n. App i feel like i told my story about getting sucker punched anybody. Else have one get means. Rocker is probably not something. Everybody has experienced being sucker a punch but what about just getting into a fight like everyone's the last time you through fists. That's a phrase the yeah i've already done by sharing. I want to hear from from you guys. How old were you then by the way rand. I was twenty one. I know not even. I was twenty okay twenty yeah it was it's been awhile. It's been a while. I've only been in one fight late in my life and it was when i was living at f._a._u. In college and i just i was out in the dorm area. It was like in between the dorms on campus at late at night and my roommate eight was a probably been drinking a little bit and got just into it with people and i found myself and its power had to two of them verse him. So what am i just going to stand there and it was just there's one of those things where literally as i'm doing it. I'm like i can't believe i'm getting into a fight right now. Eighth grade in front of the library <hes> after after school goud named thad for whatever reason like. I don't even remember why we had beef but i remember about his name mm-hmm well. Maybe i remember saying to myself well. I think i'm supposed to get into a fight with his fad dude today. Let's see what happens and next thing you know you see them coming coming from a distance with a couple of his friends and i'm like well here we go and he approached me and it all happened so fast. I don't really remember what happened. A couple of people pulled me away there you go. That was my the only time i've ever done it. He rolled up with friends. I mean they didn't fight. They just kind of stood around kind of me created a semi circle and then and then the fight happened happened and remember remember scheduling fights like absolutely yeah. I remember like not personally scheduling them obvious. I remember this one but i remember thinking or knowing saying oh my gosh. This is such and such and such and such are gonna fight today after school. I can't wait to be that all right. Why can't wait for saturday night. It's u._f._c. two forty one and joining us on the dan le batard show with stugotz on e._s._p._n. Radio is.

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