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You can specialize all your people and and life is pretty comfortable and most of us were raised in organizations and educated into the complicated process world fragrance. Though taylor is the most famous name of bringing efficiency and most of us don't know who he is but yet we reflect a of his ideas. Yeah a lot of time and motion steady stuff that's right but but the one that fascinates me as a complex environment and complex environments one. Whether or so many variables and things move fast enough should that you cannot predict something beforehand. And you say wait a minute. That's that's disturbing because you don't know what the question's gonna be and if you did have the question you know what the answer is going to be and so a complex environment means you have to enter it with an entirely different mindset. It means your shooting at moving targets and yet they're not of a cetera directory distance. Or you're gonna have to constantly adjust. It also means that our organizations have got to be structured so that they are not tightened down a perfect efficiency. Instead they've got to be a little bit more loosely connected so that they are constantly able to adapt so that they are the winning strategy. There is group adaptability as an organization but that has implications for leaders and processes and all the other things and so if we understand that we are raised for complicated world but increasingly live in a complex world. We know we've got to take a journey and unfortunately most of us are sort of spring loaded. go back to our complex comfort. You know if you've ever been in an organization where seventy has a crisis whether it's a weather event or it's a war it's an economic crisis you come together. You start communicating very often yup rate and open spaces. You get the job done you order a lot of pizza and then afterward everybody pets each other on the back and say we did it were better organization now and then you go back to your cubicle in your separate silo section and you don't communicate that way again until the next crisis comes and the problem is we live in an environment. That is very much like a crisis down in terms of speed and complexity. And so we've got to get our our attitudes in our organization sepanek as we're wrapping up our conversation today. This podcast comes out as i mentioned earlier. It's it's one hundred which is exciting. I think you know retired. General stanley mcchrystal's great guests for the one hundredth episode..

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