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Radio 6 80 wcbm passion Derek is actually out today, Bruce says dispassionately. John, Darling, is that I'm correct on that. Yes, Brian. Darling Bryant. I'm sorry, Brian Darling is in from noon till three for Derek about today, and I believe next week as well, right? Uh yeah. Oh, it's different people next week, all right, Cam Edwards is in next week for him. And next week in for me. Is Pam McDonough because I'm taking some time with my family as well. Look, you know he's still going to have summer vacation sometime, right? And there's coming. This coming week is mine or one of them because The pregnant daughter is going to drop sometime. I mean, that little baby is going to come out sometime soon. Then it will be a quick, let's go to ST Louis and look at the baby and say it looks just like Dwight Eisenhower. A surge of migrants asylum seekers that continues down at the U. S Mexico border. Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks was on Fox and friends yesterday and he said, Look, it is getting worse and worse and worse. Unlike El Paso, where the vice president went The area that we were at is where the the crisis is occurring. This is a humanitarian crisis. Unlike anything that we have ever seen in American history, with with one million migrants who have crossed places like where we were yesterday this year alone this year alone by administration says all things are going pretty well, you know. We've made a lot of progress here are we're securing the border. I'm not quite sure how others saying this I mean, who are gonna believe me or your lying eyes? That old joke comes back every time I say something like this, because no, they're not. Over 180,000 migrants were encountered in May. That does not count the gotta ways. So the number of encounters in the fiscal year so far. Is over 800,000. So far. And they're still counting and again. That does not include the gotta ways. And one of the questions is, are these people for real? Or are they just stupid? I'm afraid I followed the letter category. Ted Cruz. I don't know that that that Joe and common necessarily anticipated this crisis. I think they're just naive. They think open borders sounds wonderful and nice and utopian. And they don't understand that when you don't enforce the borders that the cartels will traffic millions of people into this country, Yeah. They haven't figured them out yet, though. Ted Cruz is far more gracious. Then I would be in that particular circumstance because I don't think they're naive. I think they do this on purpose. And I think that the plan for them so far is working pretty well. The question is How will it play in the 2022 off your elections? That generally is the real question. They're going to do what they do. Through November of next year. On the 2022 elections come around. That is when push comes to shove, and we'll find out if the American people are cool with this or if we're all with 80 D and they'll find a shiny penny first look like look at some time, perhaps, and You know, next October. Kristi Noem of in South Dakota is one of a number of governors who said they've asked us for help. We are going to help along the border. We know that we have dangerous people crossing the border. We have a lot of drugs coming into our country. We have a lot of human trafficking going on. The governors of Texas and Arizona have asked us for help. And this is a mission that National Guard is trained and equipped and does with excellence. And so South Dakota will help. I wonder, where is the Maryland National Guard has has request Halsman made as I'm sure it has to Larry Hogan. In which case what is his response to what degree is he's still a member of the GOP would be the question you have Republican governors, border governors saying We need help. Where's Larry Hogan? Why is he not made the same kind of statement? I think this is actually a fruitful area for conversation for some reporter Donald Annapolis or for interested citizens. Who happened to be able to Google the governor's telephone number. Because I think this is a legitimate question to ask for the governor's staff to answer. Why has he not done the same thing? Why has he not also sent troops to the border sent the National Guard there? I mean, good Lord. They they help protect the capital against the non existent threat. You know, this is a real threat. This is something you actually can do something about. How about it, sport? Maybe you can weigh in on this. All right. I'm quite sure that by the time I get back, this whole thing will be solved. Larry Hogan, what was deployed people, and when I get paragon of the 13th, I'm going to be eating crow because I'll look so foolish Having been at all critical of Larry Hogan. I'm sure that's the case. No, um Joe Biden, Donald, Florida yesterday looking at this disaster where this entire tower condo tower just collapsed. Incredibly sad, incredibly sad. Yeah, okay. And here is his attempt. To say comforting words. Members of the rabbis in the Jewish community. We're.

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