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And house SO daily and has little team there's all of B. vitamins does a lot of things in their direction for the oddballs but if you need a little bit more protection. we have to eyeball formulas. and it's very interesting. there are things that are good for the eyeballs are good for to bring their actual and for each why well the brain and the brain you could actually when the doctor looks inside your eyes with that little sculptor actually looking at the optic nerve which is the outside of the brain it's a piece of the brain protruding and meeting the Irish that's pretty interesting. so it stands to reason that something that's good for the ice is going to be good for bring. so here's a study looking sank and sleeves Hampton slash the risk of going blind from the most common cause an older people there's a kind of disease that makes you go blind over the age of fifty it's called age related macular degeneration about twelve million Americans have it about two million Americans are at risk of going blind from it that's a big number two million. so this is the blue mountains eye study it should university Newcastle University Sydney it's two thousand five hundred participants and then the full moon for five to ten years after to study and. and they found that if they had sufficient lutein and zeaxanthin they had it as a supplement it reduce their risk of going blind by sixty five percent for macular degeneration zinc reduced risk by forty four percent just by having sync. so here is Harvard. it's a jam up the mall G. S. Harvard University and Brown University. I was looking at a hundred and two thousand nurses. medical doctors pharmacist. older people that have high levels of intake of lutein and zeaxanthin reduce their risk of going blind by forty percent. now they didn't just take their word if they took supplements or H. certain foods they actually check their blood they check their blood to see how much looking and.

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