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Member of this club over here or a employee of this other business that's related to us in some way over here and so that's how they've expanded some of them are like one of them that to became the Cheshire county credit union since it's been swallowed up by a much larger much more evil credit union since that wasn't originally the Cheshire county credit union it was the Kingsbury corporation which was another local company that I think it's gone out of business I could be wrong about that but at some point they decided you know what we're just gonna open it up to anybody that lives works or worships in the county but almost all credit unions have some sort of qualifying membership you know that some sort of qualifier meaning that some of them it may be that you can join if you're a member of these companies or whatever but sometimes there's like a another way of if you join this club over here and it costs ten dollars and then we'll let you decide so with that in mind or it sounds like you can get really elaborate on your membership rules I think you can just keep yeah I mean I have ever done outpatient about it I mean you can get pretty however hopefully they'll keep me out hopefully saves are you can request one no okay then I would keep you out you can join okay well you have to be a member of the reforms attend their beer look higher should there be a requirements the person have cryptocurrency yes they will have to have a bitcoin cash tokens Satan's bit coin in order to be a member to sell my soul note you just have to ask for a bitcoin cash token called the crypto token I was gonna be glorious what could possibly go wrong a whole lot of problems are you S. exactly U. S. bank profits fell by sixty nine point six percent to so now it is only how many billion cannons lookout I'm happy she loves to look and what are they blame this on or this is the key well to answer is question first it's to only eighteen and a half a billion dollars is this in the U. this is US bank okay country in the first quarter of twenty twenty only only as the as banks felt the economic impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic according to data from a banking regulator well I maybe it's going to get into this here in a moment I have not read this this story but we've certainly seen stories I've got one about twenty four hour fitness data that some sort of fitness chain they're filing for bankruptcy J. C. Penney recently filed for bankruptcy we've seen little companies here in Keene little restaurants going out of business including one that was here for twenty four years and just just won the award for best bagels or whatever posthumously they're closed so we're seeing businesses going out of business because of the lost business during the coronavirus cracked down not because of proto because what the government did as a result of that and that's why we couldn't go under I would I would hope so and how many is it to be you know people just not paying their mortgages well a lot of it is that I'm sure and it gets into it a little here the FDIC reported that deteriorating economic activity calls letters to write off delinquent debts and set aside billions of dollars to guard against future losses so it was delinquent debts and I'm setting aside money to cover that that because their profits to decline over half of all banks reported a profit decline not that any of them lost money no because they created out of thin air when the banks this is the craziest thing and no one's ever told us we've talked about this me a myriad of times over the years that were wrong about this there's no one has ever said oh yeah you guys got any misinformed on this I'm pretty sure it is accurate when you go in you sign that loan form yeah that is that just credited to themselves on the books CDS pay back that money I never actually did it ever was given at all yeah it was money that they created literally from senere using your signature and it's one of these crazy commercial systems that the government has designed that that the cop for commerce based on this debt money that they have and this is one of the perks of being a bag because you're F. essentially a franchisee of the Federal Reserve System the Federer's serve grants you the ability to just manufacture money at the signing of a dead end which allows you to make to make revenue whereas literally making you only if you were only able to loan the money to actually hello exacts the they would make any money they wouldn't exist so that they can still make money yeah they could but they would make as much now because the banks don't want some of the money they want all of the money evidently however seven point three percent of lenders where unprofitable so there is that we may see some winters coming under as a result of this well yeah if a bunch of people are defaulting on their loans are not paying their mortgages are going to have to recapture all that all that money's gonna disappear those payments are gone we might even see some of the small credit in that area go under that just don't have enough members are to make it on any of that there's only that one you mentioned having the other one got gobbled up bye bye under massive credit union bigger boys yeah what do you think are you happy to see the banking system die there's this and there's other companies going out of business we're going to get into that here free talk like this eight five what's up everybody Bobby here it's finally here the long awaited Baba report bringing you news from all the trading floors across.

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