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Which again is traditionally hard to predict? And Hey the Kamensky made a big showing but Joanna you wrote first surprises roundup about Game of thrones it's last-gasp but the Globes didn't turn out so well no I mean and I think once again that's that's the Globes ever especially the TV arm arm of the Globes there Kong fascinated with the new And so they don't really do that whole like. Oh it's your final season. Let's really send you out with a bang. They're like what's what's what's coming up. What's friends and so yes? The thrones got a single solitary nomination for Kit Harrington which I think is bananas and that's not it really a knock on kit who I think did have his best season of the entire. Rental given thrones is just like of all the of all the performances. I wouldn't have put kit as the the top of my list of of who would get in their over like Peter Dig Ledge or any of the women But that being said the the actress categories are really stacked this year because we have a lot of female lead perceives dramas You know kicking around got morning show big little lies or Killing Eve like all this stuff is is is going on right now. And and so. There's no room for the Queens of West Coast. But Yeah Kit Harrington. Being the single thrones nominee. Is I think an interesting little story this morning and presumably he won't win. I haven't looked at the like he might get beaten by any number of people like Billy Porter Brian Cox. So he'll just kind of be there. Is this weird. A holdover from thrones. Yeah it's fascinating to me. And the and then Brian Cox getting so Brian Cox and Kieran Culkin or the to Performance nominated firm succession. The you know a new the kid on the block but a lot of people are really. You know irritated this morning. The Jeremy Strong isn't in the league and Jeremy Strong who's so tremendous tremendous on that show like I feel like nominating Brian Cox and Kieran Culkin. Both fantastic on the show is kind of a move. You make if you don't watch accession but you've noticed accession. Jason is a show that people care about. And you're like Oh yeah okay. Brian Cox in the coking kid. The Kid Cheryl nominate them. But like if you watch the show there's no way. Oh you don't nominate Jeremy Strong over those two so it's a it's a little league. That agree with that problem for me is. There's so many we you know but then I'm just like what about Schiff for about Tom. What about cousin graph? There's just too many good good performances on the show but But Kieran Culkin is. Maybe it's like you know not the most refined pleasure but the pleasure of every single second. He's Onscreen as extreme. Our Love Kieran Culkin and I love. Brian Cox tremendous. I'm not. I'm not like knocking them. Getting nominated. What Jeremy Strong does with a glance is ridiculous? So but you're right. I mean there's any number of people were like can can we just dominate the whole. They don't have an ensemble award word of the glows that I feel like they really should. Because that's like that's a that'd be very friendly thing to do and then follow that something that we can also look forward to the side awards. Yes having on Samba Award and also we should remember that the succession got at zero acting. Nominations at the emmys which was so infuriating. So at least we've made your mistakes. Yeah Oh and same with nominating Andrew. Scott for FLEABAG which comes as a relief for how instrumental he is to that show and he? He's in the supporting category television which they mash everybody together on the same way they do you in movies. So it's like. Yeah this movie's so it's just kind of hilarious lineup of like Andrew. Scott for fleabag Alan Arkin for the kaminsky method. Kieran Culkin Stellan skarsgard. I sure noble and Henry Winkler for Berry like how in the world you stack those performance. I have now is the TV show. That showed up that I think castle out to deal with like star power more than it does like critical acclaim. Is The politician Annette flakes. which is you know the big the big you now Ryan Murphy bed plot Gwyneth paltrow sort of thing? That just really came and went like Netflix. I spent as much on the politician as they did on season. Three three of the crown. I think that's the stat and it just made not a single impact really when it when it debuted But here it is at the Globes and that is a classic Globes move. I think for that show so I love seeing Livia Coleman for the crown she so good meet them Carter and Tobias Menzies they They went as hard for the crown as you would. Maybe I hope for. I love seeing Kirsten Dunst for becoming a gun central Florida. That is the show that really flew under the radar. She is tremendous on that show so she's not going to probably win against like Natasha. Leona phoebe Rachel Brosnahan but I'm really excited to see her in there so but she might because you never know how about. But they're minor that Mr Robots still on where Malik shows up for actor in a drama series. It's true he's like you know maybe from window in at the Globes but you mean rhapsody Z.. Then mister robot so you never know I think that might that might be enough for our Globes conversation as it keeps the sandwich also coming later this week. There's also a bunch of critics prize is is that we will have another episode this week so we'll have plenty of time to get into all of that so look forward to it. I'm any other final globes thoughts Do you want to leave for now. Yeah I do want to ask one final question if you had to sing one of the nominated songs at Karaoke. Would it be beautiful ghosts from cats. I'm GonNa love me again. Rocket man into the unknown from frozen do spirit from the Lanqing or stand up from Harriet. Mike Hogan there would be none. It would be an UN nominated Being Alive live from company. I've been practicing it months. Actually eligible showed up on my spotify. Most listen to songs of the year do you do that. Driver doesn't do all the other parts. You like. You know Bobby. I can't quite and keep them and achieved that level of mastery. That's it's incredible rushing and again i. I didn't really know. This is the the most recent production ten years ago or whatever and so kind of recognize the song when he sang it in the movie. And since then I now know it by heart and so it's amazing to watch it again and watch all the voices of the other characters anyway. That's my favorite the musical moment and nothing will change it it is. I'm not kidding. You my favorite song for my favorite musical. So I'm really happy that it's your most listened song Westbound Five Katy Katy which Richard nominated song reducing carrier. I should mention I that you did mention cats. I mentioned the beginning. But we should note that cats got nominated for nothing but song And that seems weird and maybe not a great time for cats but also you know it's cats I would pick the recommend song you think is the easiest like that. Seems kind of like a Not like Elton hitting the high notes anymore. So I feel like I could handle it without embarrassing whistle too much. I would definitely do into the unknown from frozen to but I would do the panic at the disco. Oh version not not difference just like more rollicking guitars. I think It anyway that one. I know that I would with all the high notes and I don't WanNa put myself after that kind of scrutiny and Richard. Obviously I'm going to answer for Richard But obviously do beautiful. It.

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