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Of. Teachers. To say, hi. To me I don't like it looked like the the woman in the well in the ring movie. These pictures are all incredibly scary and just bizarre and kick Mommy. About. Because the parents in that case. Right here stor. Yes that actually. I do. Mom why are you doing super excited. We're glad to have you this year. Could meet your new picture this Ms Johnson she somebody your homework. They're all terrible looking. Only put his hands up. Here the aftermath sitting down there i. Go to school anymore that's a good time. There's a whole bunch of those. You'll find love pranks. Like when? WH- Kimmel that. As the parents sit their kids down the day after Halloween Ah, wait all your candy and then the chaos ensues or giving your kids some weird gift like the Classic Kit, opens, up an avocado for Christmas and he's like Avocado fangs funny because you can see the moment at which kids become assholes jaded asshole. You're like, oh, like when they're little they're like, Oh hey, and they don't. They're not even pointing out this teacher has no teeth meth outlook and a wonky I like the Jimmy Kimmel one when it was either the presence there was a presence for Christmas prank or was the Halloween Candy, one and the kids like crying crying and then the mom says, no, I'm just kidding it was a prank Jimmy. Kimmel. told me to do it the. Jimmy KIMMEL IS A. Very accurate I WANNA do this story because if I don't see little yell at me do not view delete if we die. That's. I'm definitely clicking on that if I find that on somebody else's. Record I'm looking into that for its and then I would have been really bothered by what I heard. Here's what are the people who has been in court. On this case you could see them here on my laptop see, Lan. Shade says do not view delete if we die and she's hiding herself, she's hiding her face behind her jacket that will all make sense in a moment a former South Australian couple has pleaded guilty to the morally repugnant act of theology involving their pet dog. Police. Found sixteen videos. A folder labeled do not view delete if we die ever label how do you do that? If you're dead nobody can delete it and if it says, do not view leader die I'm going to be curious and I'm GonNa look and then I'm GonNa go all my God dog sex. Thank God there was music underneath that doesn't matter but God. Do not view, delete if we die on the. Computer of former couple Kevin and Rebecca threadgold. District Court heard on Thursday the videos filmed on three separate dates in March. Two thousand seventeen contained quote highly unnatural behavior. Can I show you something here real quick as an something from the folder because I don't know I'm not GonNa show you that I.

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