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Of Brian and Chris sold in. No one is more familiar with the James Beard Awards. And Rachel Bill, who has you are nominated, right? I was for my podcast your last meal. How about that? And yet, for some reason, they're not going to give them out this year. Yeah, so there are two branches of the James Beard awards. First of all, it is known as the Oscars for the Food world. It is the biggest Award that you can get. And so there's the journalism arm, which is what I was nominated within for, you know, cookbooks and podcasts and TV shows. And then there are the awards for chefs and restaurants. And that is the bigger category, especially for chefs and restaurants. Who, you know, operate on these small budgets, getting a James Beard. Nomination, and especially a win is a huge deal. Big business. Yeah, so this year they decided just last week that they're going to cancel the awards, and I'm not talking about like you know how things have been canceled because of covert because they had already decided to do the awards. Virtually they had done the nomination several months ago within the organization. They had already decided the winners and in September was supposed to be the ceremony where the winners will be announced. So they decided to cancel it for a few reasons. So first of all, it seems like things started to crumble in the nomination category. Accusations started to be made about some of the chefs basically, people on social media, or they were contacting the foundation and saying This chef was abusive. They underpaid this person I was mistreated, and so some people were asked to drop out. And then other chefs asked to be removed because I think they were afraid of being in the spotlight and the backlash that would come. So in particular, there's one chef owner. Her name's Jessica Kosglow, she owns is very popular restaurant in Los Angeles. It's called Squirrel, and she was up for best Chef, California and about a month ago. In the food world. These articles were everywhere that she was accused of taking credit for recipes that were created by her employees. And then the big thing was that she serves. She's the restaurant is famous for fancy toast, and they found all this mold in the jam. But apparently she was scraping off the top and serving it. Yes. So she sent a letter and said, I'd like to drop out, please. I don't want to be nominated anymore for best of California. All of this on top of the fact that once the inside foundation members looked at the people they had decided would win. They realised that no black people had won any awards in 23 categories, even though they had been nominated, so the foundation has been working on diversity. For the past couple of years, and I noticed when I was there in 2018 for my nomination that it was quite diverse. A lot of women. A lot of people of color were nominated and one so I'm surprised that this hasn't translated to the chef restaurant category, but for those people who were nominated and weren't booted out. They're upset because this was supposed to be their big year and now it's canceled and it doesn't mean anything I understand is part of the preparation for the ceremony. They pre record their acceptance speech just in case they win. Yes. So they'd already all previous reported Vava. Now you know what this gonna throw away? One of the chef's Her name is Blake Spaulding. She co owns a restaurant in Utah called Hell's Backbone, she said, quote. In a year. Where they had more women and racially diverse chefs as nominees than ever. Why not make every nominee a winner? What does my nomination even me? Now that it's been cancelled and she was saying, along with others? You know this is a year when restaurants need a ton of help. You know, they're all suffering. That's a good point. So why pass up this chance to promote? How do you get nominated? You nominate yourself. Actually, you fill out a form and you pay a little bit of money. And then they choose out of all those nominations I had. How do they choose? They have committees. Committee's so does it. I mean, I'm used to watching stuff on the food network where you know you cook a meal, And I guess it depends on the format of the show. But a supposedly objective group of judges decide if your food tastes any good, and that's how they choose who the best cookies but doesn't sound like the works committee goes that far. Oh, well, You know what? Actually, To be honest, I don't know much about how they do it on the chef restaurant side, because, yeah, it's a good point with media. They just listen, Watch, you know, read and then make the decision, So I know that they have judges all around the country because there's regional awards as well. So I'm assuming that they send people out to eat in these restaurants, otherwise, I don't know how they would be able to judge it. But at least on the media side, you nominate yourself and then they choose three in each category to be nominated. So you know, I've nominated myself three times, but I've only been on official nominee once because their committee decided I could be in that. You know, three best podcast in the country category. You nominate yourself. Do you sort of sit in a dark room and Georgia's searchers? Solis, whether you deserve it this year or not, or do you just do it automatically? Well, you do that, But you always look in a mirror. So you need a little light under your chin so that you're really illuminated from the room and then yeah, you look in your soul you there's a special device, but it's mostly looking at yourself. Yeah, telling yourself How good you are 30 years. You just reject yourself Say no, I'm not that good. This year's pointed nobody. I don't know if there's anyone with that small an ego in, you know, media or food That would be like, you know, not this year, except if you're serving mouldy jam. Rachel Bell. Coming up from Jeon Ursula at 11 o'clock, the commander of the SPD East Precinct. This is radio This.

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