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The abraham lincoln radio studio at the george washington broadcast center. Jack armstrong and joe getty armstrong and getty show third shot as part of how you get fully vaccinated Is something we're learning. It's probably right Particularly for vulnerable people. So there's no doubt in my mind that people who are in nursing homes people who are frail. Elderly people with chronic diseases people with immuno-compromised states. They need to be getting that third shot a probably about six months after their second shot. That's where the science and data no doubt we wanted to be. Fda to fully approve that we want the cdc to prove it. We don't want to get ahead of the process but the evidence for vulnerable people needing a third shot. I think is coming into focus. I have never uttered that sentence in my life. i don't want to get ahead of the process. i've never. You're not the sort of person that would say that sort of thing. So we mentioned earlier. New york times Daily brief today your chance of getting sick from covert if you've been vaccinated is really really low despite various anecdotal evidence stories. You've heard out there. It's really really low but then we got texts from people. My husband and i are just like you. i suppose we're both fully vaccinated in our first grader. Brought it home and we both have been sick for over ten days. And we've got somebody said there in the phoenix area said i'm quite sick and was vaccinated so i'm one We'll let that reynoso. Obviously if it's roughly one in five thousand. I mean i'm not bragging or anything but we have many many many thousands of people listening so yeah it would be a handful. Well the reason. I bring that up since you know even wallid small it does exist. A new study from israel found because they're into their third shot. Now they're booster shot twelve days after you get the third dose of pfizer's vaccine your relative risk of a confirmed cova night. Nineteen infection decreased elevenfold and the relative risk of severe illness decreased tenfold. So it would seem that that third shot really really knocks it back. You're sorry i'm sorry. Are you expressing reductions as multiples. I can i'm reading. I'm reading. the story is written. I would like to grab a by the neck. Everybody who says that thinking it makes them sound clever. There were ten times less infections. What the f. Does that mean one tenth of the infections. Then say that Tell me this tell me my pseudo. Intellectual gs as friends. What would one times less mean. What does that mean. that'd be a funny thing to do. Like i knew the i for saying that like every night before bed. I do a gratitude list. It's like the only thing that keeps me sane but what if at the end of every day. Maybe i'll start doing this. You write down. What made you mad as today and it would be funny that if the end of the day the thing that made you the madison. It certainly might be true. Somebody expressed a decrease as a multiple. And that was what made you the mattis today and for me. It might be the little milk thing where you're supposed. That cardboard thing wouldn't open so i tried to the other side stolen open and i had to get a knife. I mean if you wrote down the thing that made you the maddest every single day and it turns out to be relatively trivial. It almost be like doing a gratitude list would eat. This is the worst kind. Yeah i today. You need some sort of angr o. Meter attached to you. So you could so it wouldn't be open to your interpretation. You would have to just look at the curve. Data the little needle lie detector wall. I hit a nine point. Seven talking about expressing reductions as multiple. That's the maddest out today. The woman at the grocery store in front of me wrote a check. I mean if that's the thing that made me the mattis today. I got a pretty good life. Yeah so anyway. The point of that was the booster shot it seems really knocks it back a lot further so if it's pretty unlikely to get a case coverted with the vaccine now you get the booster shot. It really goes down to breakthrough case. Gimme i'll get one as soon as it's ready. I can't even remember so ally shot. Yeah speaking of the chinese bad fever and don't tune out my friends you've got to trust us. There's some really interesting stuff out on whether well. I'm sorry on to what extent masks work. There's some prelude science out there and nobody is going to be fully fully exonerated or thrilled by the result because camps in there. They're arguing this like. It's up their favorite sports team. Part of the problem is using the generic term masks. There are people that were the ninety. Five's there people the where the medical one like me. That's got all kinds of holes around it. There are people that just use the cloth around their nose which is shown that might actually be worse than nothing and they're all called masks. Well my friend. I am a miles ahead of you. You should mask your comments. Because i have studies that have actually answered those questions. So stay tuned for that. Plus this is on the intercept which used to be glenn greenwald's outlet but then they turn super liberal like. I'm sorry that's not true. They turned likes woke angry. Nasty dishonest woke and shoved a lot of the real journalists out of there. I bring this up because this is something you more likely to hear out of fox news or the washington examiner. So i'm not sure exactly what to think in terms of the source but the one thing the interceptors is they receive leaks from people. They're big into publishing what whistleblower send them and newly released. Documents provide details of us. Funded research on several types of corona viruses at the infamous wuhan institute of virology in china. The intercept is obtained more than nine hundred pages of documents detailing the work of eko health alliance which is that. Us based health organization that used federal money to do the secondary grants. Or what's that term. I can't remember a to fund. Bat corona virus research at the chinese laboratory trove of documents includes two previously unpublished grant proposals funded by the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. As well as project. Updates relating to echo health alliance research which has been scrutinized amid increased interest in the origin of the pandemic. Yes old peter. Das- axe name is right in the middle of all this this is a roadmap to the high risk research that could have led to the current pandemic said the executive director of us right to know a group that's been investigating the origins cove in nineteen. One of the. What time is it. Yeah we got a minute. One of the grants titled understanding the risk of bat corona virus emergence outlines. The them vicious effort led by echo health. Alliance president peter de zach to screen thousands of bat samples for novel corona viruses. The research also involved screening people who work with live animals. The document contains several critical details about the research. Juan including the fact that key experimental work with humanized. Mice helped me out me was conducted. Wait a second. You can't just gloss over a term like humanized mice and keep reading is mice. What about the house. A humanized mouse they.

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