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My mother caught. Caught you doing what you know. I was alone. Hugh. I stopped by the house, the drop the car wall. And I went inside for a few minutes was dead is supposed to be working. My mother had a glamour magazine started leaving. The lamour. One thing led to another. What does she do? I she screams, jaw. Oh my God. And it will take she was going to faint. She started clutching the wall. I didn't know whether to try and keep it from full zip up. What did you do zipped up? Well, I couldn't run over there. The way I was. Wouldn't think so that so she fell, and then she starts screaming? Picked her up took it a hospital. Traction. Understand you. I really don't. You have nothing better to do three o'clock in the afternoon. I for a quarter milk, I come home and find my son treating his body like it was an amusement park. A good thing. I didn't hit the table. I my head open. People too bad. You can't do that for a living. Very successful. You could sell out Madison Square Garden. People could watch you. A big. Go see a psychiatrist. No. I am not going to see your psychiatry. Why not? Why won't you because I want to. Go. See, somebody are not going. Now there's a bomb right there. Would you say? Daughter of mother's day, who the TV's most memorable. Mom is color. You can text me three one to ninety one seventy two hundred classics like all the way back to Lucy Ricardo Carol Brady Marion Cunningham. Jane. Wyatt played Margaret Anderson and father knows best Esther role played Florida and good times was at Olympia, Walton Norma Arnold from the wonder years Laura Petrie, the Dick Van Dyke show, Marie baron from everybody loves Raymond the list goes on. Roger would you say top TV? Well, I think I know. Oh, you're asking me, the top mom. Yeah. What would you say? Favorite your? Is your favorite well, not necessarily, my favorite, but I think she'd probably be the top mom. Yeah. Okay. All right. Ashley. I got Beverly Goldberg. Oh, from the okay. From the Goldberg. All right. My mother's super super and my mom knows it too. She's like that's me. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It is it is all generation Roger Simpson's. Okay. You know, thirty but I think I'm trying to remember her name from Lassie June June Lockhart locker. Yeah, yeah. I mean that was kind of a weird situation, but I mean, she was a single mom. Yeah. In that in that show, but she was so, relaxed, of course, you know, TIMMY was one got excited. And so did Lassie. So I guess that was taken care of ours going over the top. But she was always, so cool. And there were a lot of moms early on. And, and you know, in June cleaver. Yeah. And I would say Marion Cunningham was my favorite you came. That's a little later on. She was at all. Yeah. But that wasn't in my wheelhouse at the time. And I've got one little thing it doesn't really matter about the mother. Yep. It's I don't go for dysfunctional families. So any dysfunctional family. I'm kinda turned off to all the characters so I'm more along the lines of a, you know, very, very not laidback family, but. What would you normal average American family, even though they probably were not normal. I think most American families were just functional. Eight one five says the mom from the Gilmore girls seven seven three Marge Simpson from the Simpsons. There you go..

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