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The final the company's cup albeit to lose too and at the high slot in all feel sections that run well you i think everyone were member of the trade front that semi am we lost the first one out there to won the y and then it was just one of those or some nights i mean i i always enjoy because the score bought turn it it was three one i could still to this day remember the summit diner and a shot on the goal line in the last minute because the closer you to what was out that was one of the great nights of puerto ryan and it was a fantastic occasion and down you know a lot of people site as one of the best guy but turn you know that that's been frank about somebody you would not bet the metaphor here talks boards a very nice chuck too how creepily draws ronnie iranian round com lewis recorded up lewis hamilton lewis ritchie will josh just now white audi's amid legs man said that guy begins on track frankfurt didn't ama needed yes there out there out well it's we had as a player anyone sits in the danced will tell you you can remember moments like thirty four years ago isn't as if it was yesterday and that guy named no moments in that you know i member to give props and scored icy coming through bright in their offside and then i think we're but i'm lucky in the final with played and the light and and the let it just so happened where the home team so you apply and i'm almost like a home leg we lost four two it was eight is good game the played really well a sort of one in la and then just light on just before halftime frank i got a stubbs cole and when that she franklin by let's go off then brought to the before then intercepted the bat possibly got level at an offer to be fan i played very well him i will good side rentz bring contender else than that with will good team so you know.

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