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Herbert Bank, where your business means everything. It's better at Bergen Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 Bob Inland, double GOP traffic. Let's toss it over to Mike Standiford. Lots to address here. Mike. Yes. Good afternoon Hillary that tornado warning that wasn't effect for Prince George's County till 5 45. That's just been canceled by the National Weather Service. However, we're still seeing a severe thunderstorm in this area, in fact, the leading edge of severe thunderstorms stretching from around the Arnold in Savona Park area Right around the parole area and buoy and then southwestward through Mitchellville through the Landover area through chill, Um, and also around Northeast D. C. Therefore, Todd in the Catholic University, and then this self stretches southward to Ah, right around the Reagan National area. It's still here. That's a moving to the Southern ports. The district I am concerned about that. It may spin up and give us a tornado warning. So areas like land over Walker Male, Suitland and Hillcrest Heights. Watch out for the possibility some very high winds. And maybe even if you spin up tornadoes, as this line has a history of wind damage, we're seeing winds of 60 to 80 miles an hour. With this line as it moves through, and that will definitely knocked down trees and paralyze and Roger was seeing a great deal of lighting, too. So keep that in mind that this these cells are very dangerous right now. They're a friendly bunch of the route. 50 corridor now from the district all the way almost to Annapolis right now, almost two parole. So do keep that in mind. If you're on route 50. So our forecast calling for a tornado Washington 10 o'clock tonight more severe thunderstorms over the next couple of hours and then after sense that the storm starts to diminish overnight. Partly cloudy skies all those near 70, But I will get a front through here. Then I'll take care of some of the humidity. Look for nice weather for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I know it's 90 at Reagan National for Heat Index of 101. Alright, thanks so much, Mike. It's 5 41 here on Double d T o P will keep you up to date on the weather as we move through the afternoon. In other news tonight, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Is asking the White House for a major disaster declaration in the aftermath of Tropical Storm e Zaius. Last month storm caused significant damage, especially along the Eastern Shore and in southern Maryland. And Hogan says the state needs that aid in light of the pandemics, devastating impact on state and local budgets. They're asking the White House to reimburse agencies.

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