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It's 403 Monday, February 15 2021 33 degrees going up this 37. Good morning. I'm Stephanie Gaines Bryant. The top local stories We're following this hour D C area pharmacies and grocery stores are packed with hopeful people looking for any leftover corona virus vaccine. One of those people is Soo do Cat the first time she went. She was number six on the list for leftover vaccine. But there were only five doses. The last time I went, they were not social distanced and decided that I didn't want to run the risk of getting sick. She's now gone back to hoping to find an online appointment, which she says is a full time job. And I already have a full time job to cat holds hope to get the vaccine soon for her husband, who died from Cove in last year. I'm trying to get that vaccine for me to honor my husband's memory. Blucher w. T O P News, he says. He's happy. More people are getting vaccinated against Cove. 19. But one area leader is raising concern about the rollout of CBS is vaccination locations in Virginia. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff McKay says he learned about CVS has planned off her vaccinations at a store in Annandale when everyone else did, and that led the worried calls from his residence. They were concerned that if they had already registered with the county Would that put in jeopardy their position in our vaccination roles, he says. That won't happen because both are separate. CVS says it's been working with the state's health department on its rollout, though McKay says the county, which is running its own vaccination registration system was not a part of those discussions. This announcement with no coordination with Fairfax County and no coordination With our health department has been very frustrating for us like Morello W. T O P. News. A man in Newport News has been charged in Fairfax County with the first homicide of the year, County police say 20 year old Jalen Keane is charged in Wednesday's deadly shooting of rested resident Samuel Own Yuka. Own. Yuka. Police say that the two both attended Southlake High School and rested Although the motive remains under investigation, every act of violence very seriously. And our officers, Detectives and professional staff give everything they have. Day in and day out. Course, making this one of the safest jurisdictions in the country. Fairfax police Major Ed Oh Carol, he says the department used video surveillance and financial records to track keen to Newport News. He was arrested there late Friday night and faces extradition back to Fairfax County. He's charged with second degree murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. Leaders in Prince William County are exploring some higher tax rates and even new taxes in an effort to balance the next budget being unveiled later this week at $1.35 Billion spending plan that'll be proposed this week is more than 5% bigger than the county's current budget. As county leaders look to pay for new projects and pay raises for county employees. A big chunk of the increase would be paid for with a proposed tax on cigarettes. County executive Chris Martinez budget proposal includes a 30 Said per pack tax on cigarettes sold in Prince William County. What's referred to as the car tax would also go up? And while residential property tax rates would stay the same rising assessments mean most homeowners will still pay more under the proposal said to be formally unveiled Tuesday. John Doman w T o p News A fight broke out at a metro shuttle when it was over. A young girl was sent to the hospital with stab wounds. Metro says five people were involved. It happened around 2 30 near the Addison Road seat, Pleasant Metro Station. It's 407.

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