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Pyrrhus Theo Coleman is the director of prison after care network This is a short conversation we'll have this morning Theo but we've been having a number of them and we want to talk to the folks from the Salvation army before we ask you to give we want you to know where your money goes So we were talking about a nutrition program last week Of course it's for toys It's for groceries It's also well you tell us What is it that you do feel for the Salvation army Welcome to the show Well thank you so much It's so good to be on the show with you once again I hate I couldn't get down there to see you this time but on the phone will suffice I am the director of prison aftercare network The prison after care network is sort of a dual program we are referral group for organizations we meet once a month And when we discuss different people that are doing prison reentry reform and encouraging people that are reentering society the organizations come together and see okay someone may be doing housing better Someone may be doing another need better so we network that way The other mold that we're in with prison aftercare network is we also provide support groups for men and women that are reentering society Today I'm here at the adult rehabilitation center We gather in groups and discuss what are our next best steps when coming out of facilities What do we want to do different from last time to stop recipient Do you find Theo that the gentleman I presume mostly men Maybe you work with women too The people coming out of this system do they are they motivated to not repeat their past actions or are they got a chip on the shoulder Maybe they even want vengeance they're angry and they're going to go right back at it What's the attitude coming out The most that I've encountered are men and women that are motivated to change Of course you have the few and in between where their case or their situation seems something that that want to be vindicated from or but not many I'm not found that at all mostly motivated men and women to do something different It's like so many of the things the Salvation army does We're so glad there's someone there to do that and I don't want to do it I don't have the skills I don't have the time And I don't even know if I have the disposition and yet there you guys are in the trenches doing that hard work and we're all the beneficiaries of it I mean let's not send people to jail have them come out and they've got nothing to land on So I'm really glad your program exists Theo Thank you so much So many men and women are suffering from housing sorts when they're coming out technology has changed depending on how much time they've done And in this COVID world a lot of things are digital So we have different volunteers that help in computer rooms And also deal with addictions counseling education and we do it all in small groups Does your program exist a prison after care network at the prisons or do you do it at Salvation army facilities Right now because of COVID we haven't been able to go back in yet but we have we were going into prisons Now I am just at some of the facilities of federal facility on the west side of Chicago on their own Tuesday Monday here at the ARC and also on Thursday I'm on the west side So just in different locations outside of prison right now All right so if you're saying well when I give to the Salvation army what does it mean Food toy shelter yeah How about a program like this Theo Coleman is the director of prison after care network for the Salvation army Maybe we'll get you into the studio before the end of the year We're going to raise some funds for the army and help you guys out Theo Thank you for doing what you're doing I would love that my friend Thank you They are doing the most good at the Salvation army My virtual kettle is already there Just go to WGN radio dot com and you'll see a picture of producer Ali You'll see a picture of me we're standing side by side ring in the bell click there with your credit card and away they go Zach.

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