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Rock and roll culture, a rock and roll empire. We do put a whole lot of faith all of it in fact, into a whole lot of love and could there be a more precise symbol of the muscular patriarchal loved drunk and as we will hear just plain drunk America of Dylan's coming of age years than the Chairman of the board Old Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra himself who taught so many about love. Bob Dylan went out of his way to salute Frank Sinatra Mr Frank Zenia th birthday party. This was years before Dylan would spend the equivalent of five full albums shadows in the night fallen angels. Maybe that's how the blue is made it down here actually and triplicate singing only songs of love Frank Sinatra had made famous. And at that star studded event, he chose to Fete Sinatra with the song restless farewell. If Frank was seen it, he might have called one for the road. Seeing as we're getting near the end of our show, I, can think of no one I'd rather share a parting glass..

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