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State of officiating where it's at one is gone out it but right now we talked about something pretty bunkers and pretty amazing i am not messing with you here by the way this is the real thing we'll get ominous alum crazier it's fine amazon grace and never laude if you and i were sitting around you know you bumped into me echo your bill writer i recognize your voice or whatever hey you wanna get to be or get the b right couple of budweisers and let's say is like hated honest question yeah coats them do you believe in likeness monster like i want now but it's funny because geico let me at his bill yeah what's up to go do you believe in bleak foot they i want not really although a guy i worked with in los angeles guy's name is demag works on the board and in la spends his hard earned money to go on big foot safaris and like the upper northwest portland seattle like the homebased they go of the what's and he claims he seamless he's a rational guy but other none ira are though one less west may remember on the third budweiser rice now you're feeling really like whatever's going to ask do you believe in aliens my answer be yes there are so many planets in such an infant he of options that i've i absolutely believe an until response i believe in intelligent life now i believe it's made his way to earth i know his own crazy i don't understand why this isn't a bigger de another now judge been wrote about it cbs sandwiches cbs news is excellent streaming service which i'm on a couple of times a week talk and sports at a thing on it the new york times broken actual story to riders each of them has won a pulitzer prize think about that the pentagon for years is haunted a twenty two million dollar a year unit looking into intelligence wife an unexploited unexplained phenomena and it goes in basically there there's an x miles you at the pentagon and it still operational the guy.

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