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Happy Thursday. Mariah were releasing our podcast. One day late because we have some big news to break and we didn't want to jump the gun on announcing the big send. How many people out? There aren't really sure what day it is to begin with. We're GONNA confuse them a little bit more. All the day's are starting to run together. This is dropping on Thursdays. So if you're one of our amazing subscribers who gets this automatically happy Thursday. Sorry if we confused you so we're going to talk about the Big San where we're teasing that people who like what is that. I gotta I gotTa find out. We're going to let you know in a couple of minutes. Yes and we're going to hear from Scott Foreman. The executive director and founder of vote forward. Who's really gonNa tell you all about? It won't be reading letters any letters from volunteer. Yeah no all the letters that people right. Trump will not read them because he doesn't read. I mean we. We knew that I assumed that. His daily intelligence briefings came in the form of comic strips. Or you know if it's not on Fox News he's not GONNA or CNN lately because he does watch CNN but you know he's not getting a whole lot of information that's been typed up putting a binder for him. This has been documented. They went into detail on it in the really great book. Very stateful genius which you should check out. If you haven't already they had to continually dumbed down his Daily briefings I you respond better to as you said comic strips and charts and graphs and doesn't like things and so we've known this for a while but recently reporting came out that said the corona virus had been featured prominently Not once not twice but upwards of twenty times starting earliest January In these briefings and And he wasn't interested in right a believe when he was asked about that he said he was gonna go back and check and see if it if it had made an appearance somewhere so right. I don't know I feel like I would remember that if I read a memo about like a global pandemic that was ravaging other parts of the world. It might stand out but who knows what's in these briefings. We don't have the security clearance if there's stuff about you know aliens in Russia. And what have you then? Maybe the pan-demic is less memorable. I don't know you would think ensuing global pandemic mentioned twenty times in twenty separate briefings that that would ring a bell somewhere. We do know that somewhere somehow. Hugh learned what Lysol was thought. He you know. Bust that out on us. Well we all know. By now about his disinfectant comments. And saying that maybe we could look into in injecting disinfectant to kill the corona virus. But he was recently asked about those comments and the people who have come in to the hospital after taking that advice and once again he said no no responsibility but fortunately we have We have a good role model. Who is actually leading the corona virus response in Vice President Mike Pence setting the right tone? Oh Yeah Oh desa good even worse plane yourself when I say good role model. I'm using sarcasm and actually the correct way the correct sense of of the word sarcasm. Right Mike Pence toward the Mayo Clinic which had corona virus patients in it Face Mask Free in defense. When asked about that. He said he didn't want to wear the face mask because he wanted to be able to look people in the eye. You can't make this shit up Yeah so I mean. Listen if he's been covering his eyes with the facemask said no wonder he's not wearing it works he wouldn't wear. That would be Hella dangerous. But I don't think we've seen. Mike pins or drum with a phase mass. Gyn since all of this they seem to have some weird aversion. Do it. I don't know if it's that. They want us to see their faces. You know called bed. We don't see Donald Trump's phase sore. My guess it feels like they would think that it was like unmanly to wear a face mask. Have this weird like suspicion that that's what this is about like. It doesn't look manly to walk around one hundred percent of as fat face Mas- and let me tell you what's more manly than protecting your community or patients hospital manly or womanly no need to feel shamed about people and no need to shame other people about it too which apparently is what trump has done when people in his briefings or in his private meetings have been wearing face masks or he's kind of made jokes about it and and you know belittling them Glad to know he's taking this very seriously. We have a serious void of leadership and And we've now hit the one million case mark we've had more Americans die from this disease in the last couple of months then did in Vietnam in total. It's easy to dunk on on really stupid people like this but it's So sad and you know my heart goes out to everyone who has really Affected and lost loved ones More and more. We are coming in contact with this disease. Firsthand and You know we're going to get through it together but we have a job to do to make sure that we have some real leadership not what we have in the White House. Not What we have in the Senate with Mitch. Mcconnell making comments that the state should declare bankruptcy and trying to stack these relief bills for corporations and his buddies you know polls tightening in these battleground Senate races and The GOP is worried and we have work to do and we have great ways to do it from home right now so. Let's keep our eye on the prize. Let's let's keep working. Thank you for shifting the tone 'cause I mean obviously like this is very seriously everybody's taking it super seriously. I haven't left my street and I don't know how long but man if I didn't try to laugh about some of this exact know where I'll be yep gazing off into the abyss steering off steely abyss. Waiting for sweet relief. What that dark there. We're back and we're back we're back with. We had a primary Tuesday night the Ohio primary. Of course Joe Biden won the primary but also we have states St Leger candidates. Now that we're going to be working on Ohio is such an important state it's always a perennial important presidential state but We have real opportunities for the state legislature there as Mariah always likes to say down. Ballot is where it's at and working on those races pay dividends up the ballot so Take a peek at. What's going on in Ohio? There's some exciting races. We can be working on their yeah. I can't wait to look into that that's going to be an area that's ripe for volunteer activity. Ripen Ready Heading into the fall. Yeah well what's your reason for hope this week Mariah? Okay so my reason for hope this week is the Movement for black. Lives has created a comprehensive list of Kobe. Nineteen related policy demands that are going to ensure that the black community is included in policies and legislation. That's coming out to protect people and help them in the economic recovery that we're going to need after The pandemic kind of slows down a little bit so this includes access to healthcare and housing prioritizing people over corporations protecting the vote policies to protect vulnerable who are currently incarcerated so these are issues that are perennial policy issues that are the result of longtime disparities but they are going to become even more pronounced with this health pandemic and the economic hit that. We're all going to take because of it and I just want to remind people that these are things that disproportionately affect the black community but they are things that these policy demands are going to be good for the entire country so I want to encourage everybody to visit 'em for B. L. Dot Org so they can take a look at the details. Sign the petition if they Agree with these demands which to me seem like no brainers and thank you to the Movement for black lives putting together a really great website very quickly. That's awesome. We'll we'll have the link up on our show page and As you said you know no know surprise. Lack and Brown people are disproportionately affected by all of these things. But by Cova to you know Yeah and kind of like a the terrible perfect storm of things coming together. It's Very dangerous yeah. It reminds me last week when we talked to Pantsuit politics hosts. I think it was Sarah that made the analogy with their kids. That okay. We built this tower out of blocks the blocks of all come down. We don't have to build that tower back the same way you know. There's there's actually an opportunity here to address these longtime issues and and see if we can do some real good and have a an even more equitable return once we get back to whatever. Our new normal is so exactly well said. What's your reason for hope this week? Well my reason for hope is very swing left brand. Because I'm really excited about the big send a not gonNA get too deep into it because we've got Scott Form an executive director and founder of vote forward to talk about it but we have people all over the country who are who are engaged. Who are volunteering. I always like to swing extraordinary things. Maybe extraordinary things realizing that action is the best antidote to anxiety I always like to say with a say this with the caveat that if you're listening to this podcast and when you hear the the thought about volunteering right now it just makes you feel like Ugh. I don't have time I'm juggling home. Schooling my kids and I there's so much uncertainty that's totally fine. You know everyone is dealing with this in their own way. We also recognize that many of us really have a lot more privileged than other people do in the ability to do stuff that other people don't so you know we all do what we can when we can having said that. We've got the big send launching right. Now it's an epic undertaking by a number of organizations led by vote forward in partnership with swing left to right ten million letters to voters for the November election. Holy Moly it's exciting. That is exciting. And it's totally doable. Scott's GonNa talk a minute about how it's doable and when you hear the number of letters that people have already sent. You're just say Oh. We can't do that no problem. I'll just get to writing you. Go onto the vote forward website and you download these templates all the instructions. Are there for for what you do. It basically amounts to printing out these letters and Filling in a little area that asks why you vote. Y you're a voter so you can write a personal message there and then writing the address Handwritten on the outside of the envelope to so people get a hand written addressed envelope in the mail and these letters have been really really effective there around way to to mobilize voters yet. And you're GONNA get a chance to join US and Sarah and Beth from pants you politics on. May Twenty four th. We're going to have a big letter writing party..

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