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Lot of time on the bench specially around draft picks um though bill obrien for some reason thought that he didn't need to start started shawn watson and then uh a half into the sea he said that was with a terrible mistake i have to go to shun watson to shun watson was lights out so i think mr bisky said on the bench a few weeks and he came out and he was pretty impressive so i i think whoever they get sam donald baker mayfield uh josh alan uh that person who's gonna see the field by october and i think pyrite taylor is your insurance policy and then and make some sense i don't doubt the move at all but there's a reason the bills are ready to move off from him take the quarterback one of four here's the thing i mean they're in such intact there's a benefit to go on one and thirty one over the last two years you in such a fantastic position i think they can entertain trade offers if they wanted to that topic if they feel like they are guys gonna be there at four but i here's the thing i think you take your quarterback and for i mean at one excuse me whoever you fall in love with a whether it's mayfield darnell alan arose in and then when you double back its four if someone like shove is there the defense of instruments he state you take him and you don't wait a splitsecond listening trade office anything you pair hand with myles garrett and you have sort of a jj watch g dave then cloudy situation he's an and you're just dominating with with two and a half guys an office on the dev's of line making everyone else's job easier i don't think segment barkley's a special talent but i don't think if you're the browns you necessarily needed four given you know a team that wins one game in two years they have plenty of need and i don't think running back to the top of the list right i could ask you about aid questions about this instead i'll just let you take wherever you what have you seen the viral video odell beckham junior and what kind of an effect as.

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