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Bernie Sanders was asked to respond to criticism from candidate John Delaney that Sanders plan to force all Americans onto a federally operated plan guarantees Donald Trump reelection Sanders said you're wrong five minutes away from the a John is a country called Canada they guarantee healthcare every man woman and child as a human right they spend half of what we spend and by the way when you end up in a hospital in Canada you come out with no bill at all health care is a human right not a privilege I believe thank you senator Sanders well I'm right about this we can create a universal healthcare system to give everyone a basic healthcare for free and I have a proposal to do it ten candidates from St CNN hosting the debate the man arrested after a shootout with police in Normandy park yesterday is apparently the father of a toddler who was murdered over the weekend Cairo seven TV's DD son has details Jim Mari Lyn hamlet was just three years old Normandy park police say he was murdered Saturday afternoon and believe his mother's boyfriend be tomorrow to death first responders found bruising and other signs of trauma police say when the father of the three year old found out tomorrow he was dead he sent threatening text messages to the boy's mom so threatening police worried he would drive by and shoot up the house were tomorrow died leading police to close First Avenue south for hours police tried to arrest the father just a quarter mile away from here and that's when yesterday's shootout happened both men are in custody one for Monday shoot out and carjacking the other for the murder of the three year old state officials have declared an outbreak of hepatitis a primarily in people who are living without shelter or use illicit drugs state department of health has confirmed a thirteen cases of the virus most of them are in Spokane county to are in king county time to find out what's happening with your Cairo radio real time traffic here's Tracy Taylor the lease I just saw and a couple of updates from our theory is it sounds like the when Nancy on the Seattle Bainbridge island ferry run is about twenty minutes behind schedule so this is kind of put in everything a little bit behind it this afternoon got an hour away departing the admins terminal and if you are catching the boat tomorrow a little heads up early heads up the six thirty and eight o'clock sailings import towns and the seven fifteen and eight forty five selling something could from coop elev been canceled because the tides alright let's look at the line up on north.

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