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View of the world gets smaller and smaller. What you talk about in your article is basically what we've done around the country and around the world people who have adopted our national park idea our wilderness idea things like that parks. We have just put like you say in the article. Just grid lines on the map. Saying here's farming. Here's mountains and then what we come up with is a map that most people in the country are really far away from these protected lands. Love would love to visit him in order to do so they have to do some pretty expensive travel not just financial but to the earth to get there so that's basically off limits to most people in the country who cannot or will not or for any other reason will travel to yellowstone to all these places you got that over there and then somebody before all of us were born. Said you know what this place right here this is. This is where we're not going to have a national parks fantastically rich. We're just gonna grow on every square inch of this area. And it's okay. Because you guys have those wilderness areas over there. You have those parks over there and have boundary waters up there. You have all this stuff so leave this part because we have to feed ourselves and they come up with that very good argument. There's all these people. What are they gonna eat and writing that pretty much shuts down all discussion constructive or not around the topic. Because you can't really argue exactly with that and you know somebody's gonna go to their grave on on that issue if you push them on it so end of discussion and so that's what that's what. This big giant area in the middle of america looks like it. Looks like the end of discussion. Here we have to feed people and there. You can have your park over there and most of you can't visit it because it's too far away too expensive to get there but it's there aren't you happy you wanna wilderness..

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