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Hot and when trying to take the next step in hot sauce space as far as ingredients in terms of flavor being less focus on pepper more focus on flavor specifically with an international flavor profile and a sweet side what we're talking about how to compete in a competitive space so how are you guys able to not only be profitable but also grow your business in such a competitive industry sure so at first one i was starting off like you know what what do i want to focus on then came down to simplification in such a com competitive industry and for me in boil down to the streetside you know our nation down to looking at the more mild market uh which is the largest segment of the odds are space and focusing on leveraging the sweet side to get that mark s so how do you see yourself being able to grow your business moving forward because it's one thing to get to the level the right now but as a whole nother thing to try to compete with some of the hundred nine billion our companies in your space how do you plan to do that sure will isis the first thing is look being able to compete in on on the on the shelf phrase that's the first that with uh first interact in that you have with your customers and my label is very uni it's a beautiful watercolour label and then the ingredients we have sixteen ingredients on their if she include the ingredients of mustard as well and you know uh be able to diversify and stand out just or something like through packaging uh that's a great way to start what do you think of some of the mistakes that people typically make when starting a business that has the competition ultimately crush them sure well i think the biggest mistake at least in my industry in the grocery business is assuming that once you get a bit you name like whole foods albertson safeway here's seth light your goal then uh because a lot of these big retailers not only are you repeat are competing with these companies with huge pockets but you're also uh required to safety but free case per store and when you're dealing with hundreds that are thousands of stores to start off with that's.

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