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We don't expect european gdp to recover to the same relative level as american twelve months behind the us and because they haven't injected enough cash into the economy thing is that they and they not europe is a very complicated structure in the euro and all sorts of rules and whereas the us is a sovereign in a simple straightforward sense if congress decides and disposes of the fed keeps getting a pet. It keeps the pedal to the metal theoretic. Konami leaps forward And being months this year in which the us economy is probably grown more rapidly than the chinese economy. Something we would have anticipated and it's not equally good for everyone and of course the people at the top of american society will once again if done really well out of the fortunate enough to have any money in the s and p five hundred didn't have to do anything clever that you just kept it there you come out of this game. It's still breaking records all the time. The wealthiest people a big slices of that index and other ones have done unimaginably. Well out of this crisis. These averages are quite deceptive whereas at the bottom end as we know there are a whole bunch of folks millions of people who lost their supplementary employment labour day of rice. But you know this monday so you know this this tragedy within within this ongoing success story so it's a very mixed picture and of course we won't really know where we're up until next year or the year after because all of the difficult decisions are really. Can you keep your foot on the gas pedal or are you going to pull off and when you put off too soon that that's where we are now though is very rod. That is the whole debate. It's huge technical. It's all about trying to gas. What indicated tells you this which of the labor markets too tight and that's walk. The wall street journal bloomberg. Tv anytime if you turn on those channels that's the entire conversation now. Okay but those tend to come at things from the right and the american right. The republican party would have us stop now. enough stimulus. There's been enough money pumped into the economy. Let's stop even joe manchin. Who seems to be the guy who's holding up the progress moving forward with the build back better package along with the infrastructure Package he's saying now okay. We had a huge climate disaster last week When we really need to put money into fixing or dealing our climate crisis he says now's the time to to hit the pause button. No now now's the time to go full steam ahead and make these major changes my opinion to get people working again to get them working on green jobs rather than Shoring up the fossil fuel industry that contributed to get us in this mess in the first place. Where do you stand on this. We have those two bills that either will pass. I think together or won't go at all and we are at a crossroads aren't we we absolutely are and if if covy wasn't wake-up cool i just don't know what else is going to be. We we live in a fundamentally de-stabilize relationship with our environment. No place in the. Us is going to feel that more forcefully florida whether you're in the coastal regions just in the path of the ever increasing intensity of hurricanes. Sweep out of the carribean announced that the gulf mexico and america needs to prepare for this. It needs to contribute to the solution to the problem and it needs urgently to prepare for this. I mean ten. People were killed in new york taylor divider. We didn't even receive a direct hit. It was just that we can't cut that. All subway system is not set up for this that we have people drowning in that basement apartments. It's it's it's a it's a crying shame. There's no secret about where they mentioned coming from the guys. The senate west virginia and his family made its money in coal and he remains beholden to those interests and tactically from the point of view. The democrats nightmare. If he resigned. We'll probably get it republic. That's right you'll be worse right wearing wearing a cleft stick here and in fairness the people in the republican party. Somebody like jerome. Powell who's apathetic. He was a lifelong republican than a trump appointee to the fed. Chair is not trying to take his the gas. I mean the question. That's being asked there. If you follow the debate in media light wall street journal bloomberg you'll see this is actually big questions about what's good for the american economy and what's good for american business and on the whole. It's not obvious that taking the foot off the gas out this particular moment is the right move especially we don't know where the disease we don't know whether pandemics going right we could have another variant coming down the pike delta could get even worse than it currently already is and that you know that to use a sports analogy and i'm not a sports person so excuse me if i get wrong. But that's an unforced error. We have a vaccine. We should be passed this now. We should be on the downslope of this pandemic. But now it's looking more like this is something we're going to be living with for the foreseeable future and don't now we need to navigate the economy in that. In that vein. You know you just have. People denying reality who would rather take a horse de warmer than a vaccine. That's been proven to keep people alive so that makes no sense and we're stuck in the middle of this now. I think i read somewhere. You said that this is not a matter of whether or not we can afford it. We anything we can dream of that. That could help this society we can afford. I had i invited i got it wrong. Correct me if before we move on think we could actually do. We can do. We can dream anything we can actually do. We can afford and that turns out to be the real problem. I mean as you're saying we can even have axiom and what we can't do is ensure that everyone is because that requires us actually to agree with each other and that and that is really difficult to achieve in riot. So you know. I'm on twitter a lot. I interact with people. And there's a guy who used to be in congress from illinois joe walsh and he was aflame throw he was a tea bag or he was one of the worst of the worst was just a reprehensible excuse for a human being well now he seems to have seen the light he understands the evil. That is the former guy he calls out. You know the the abortion ban. He's he's saying the right things he saying. I was wrong so i invited him on the show. I thought i've always wanted to. I always say. I'll debate a republican as long as we can agree on the ground rules skies bluegrass green. Most of them won't do that. So here's one so let's talk and it. Was you know it was an okay conversation. What i got was he still not very well read. He doesn't understand. he never read. I told him to read stephanie. Kelton book the deficit myth. Because when i said what about the the infrastructure bill and well you know. I think we should do. The bipartisan one. But the not the other one because of the deficit and the like. Don't you understand how those would create. He just doesn't get it the p they're so close minded so he's opening his mind to some things but not others do you. What are what are your thoughts on that. What they're now calling the build back better bill. The the the budget resolution the three point five trillion dollar on bernie sanders birthday. By the way.

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