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The northeast are calling the fourth winter storm to hit the region in less than month a four easter it's forced the closing of hundreds of schools including those in your city the country's largest public school system near governor andrew cuomo says stay home if you can don't be fooled don't look out your window today and say well it doesn't look so bad it's gonna get worse as the day goes on if you don't have to travel please don't be on the roads the national weather service's forecasting wet heavy snow in the new york city area with wind gusts up to forty miles per hour and the threat of widespread power outages npr news new york from washington this is npr news this is wnyc i'm shumita basu in new york as a major storm bears down on our area it's an opportunity for scientists and the public to look at snowflakes and learn what they say about climate change wnyc's clarisa diaz reports snowflakes are changing as the planet warms they pass through pockets of warmer air causing them to melt and then refreeze as they pass back through colder air on their way to the ground they melt faster reflecting less light which could lead to more flooding to understand the scale of the problem scientists say they need lots of photos of snowflakes that's where the public comes in wnyc and columbia university have designed a kit to turn a smartphone camera into a snowflake microscope and we built a website where you can submit your photos to scientists go to wnyc dot org slash snowflakes to learn more and with snow expected all day today new jersey is bracing for.

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