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I'm just scrolling down and gets worse from there, but tenth tenth. Yeah. In the league. Now he's no apparently Dylan. Thomas who's opiate one point, three, seven, but I wouldn't be surprised if I don't know what's his team, the Texas Air hogs where they play grand prairie says, might be elevation. What is an air hug? Anyway, I guess sound like an elevated environment. Pigs are flying. I don't know anyway, this is strange shouldn't. So yeah, he's he's easily out hitting than probably if he's tenth easily out hitting some fairly recent major leaguers. Right. I mean, the guys that you mentioned, I assume he's had some of the Todd Cunningham as an opium of nine ninety three. He is the only of those major leaguers that I named who has higher than Rafael Palmeiro. And even that is is slight. Todd Cunningham seems like a bad thing is only one home run. I have to ask you because you have some experience in the independent leagues I'm looking now. I'm still on the Texas Air hogs who also have Greg Golson and Carlos contrast and Pedro Hernandez, Tyler. Ethic like that. There's Tyler Mets zero over six even in that league. But on this roster, I certainly don't want to offend anyone pronuncia names wrong, but just going down. I'm seeing some of the following names Chen luanne Shenzhen chew Fujita how Geog young Jin Luo. Gin, gin Chen? Look. It just goes on from there. I'm probably brutalizing this, but they're like two dozen seemingly Asian-born players on the nexus air hogs. Can you think of any reason why this would be true? Interesting. So the rest are is majority Asian players? Yeah, I'm gonna. I'm just going to send you a link to this right now so that you can look at this for yourself. This is I have to soom really unusual. Yeah, there must be a pretty interesting story there. I would imagine. I don't know what it is, but you know, in the independent leagues, they're all sorts of unusual origin stories. And you know they're even like traveling teams and teams from. The Dominican in some levels that get added to these leagues and kind of barnstorm around. But I do not know why the Texas Air hugs have so many players who appear to be from China. Evidently I'm reading now a story about the Texas Air hugs and it says Texas, Air hogs will add thirteen players from the Chinese national team to their roster for the two thousand eighteen season. That is interesting. I had no idea that seems like cheating, not cheating, but I mean, if you get to add the baker's doesn't players from a national team. Now, you might say that on the other hand, the Texas Air hogs the are terrible stuff, six working out so well, but I Well, I I don't know where to go from here. I guess here's another independently story for you to report from the ground. Oh, here's what place you could go fan graphs dot com. Which earlier this week ran stories technically the hardball times, but a summer palace in grand prairie, the Chinese national team joins the Texas Air hugs I'll be them Joe. I two thousand eighteen here. So caught up in all the trade stuff. I don't even think to read enough of our own website. Well, I will link to that story which I'm sure explains this in-depth. So there you go good editing job to anticipate this bit of enter and pre published an article about it that probably enters our questions. We would have been so much better up the speed if not for Manny. Machado, getting traded read has article not worried about writing articles about trade rumors and whatnot, but no now just looked like a horse's as well..

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