Rodney, Gina Raimondo, President Trump discussed on Coalition Radio


Oh him the past seven years budgets and show that it's true all right well he may have to take that up rodney if you wanna pop into the mayor's office mayor allan fung the governor governor gina raimondo who you want to displace for that seat she's going to be speaking about the daca program a little bit later on this morning the dreamers the kids kids that were brought here obviously just so that folks who are listening understand the they are here illegally but they were brought here as a young child what's your take on the daca program and the president who is also of the republican party as you are saying i forget it i'm done i'm done with the program it shows first and foremost the dysfunction that's going on down in washington dc they left it in the hands of many of the individuals to get something done on daca which i am sympathetic to you know many of the young dreamers who were brought here of not of their own choice however it really is something that should be addressed at down in washington dc for the governor to try to jump in on this issue clearly shows that she wants to run for another office and not focus on the problems that have made you know our state one of the least business friendly in the country focusing on fixing areas such as dc yif where she's put people in charge who have no business being there that you know had no response who are who shouldn't have been there in the first place and led to so many people getting hurt governor raimondo is not serious about running for governor i think she's had failed mismanagement from day one and whether it's from the outset with cooler and warmer to dc y asked even the you have fiasco that is rising up to half a billion dollars right now she's taking her eye off the ball because we all know is rhode island's where she ultimately wants to go and that's why she just wants to.

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