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How could it not help if someone's professional? Obviously any concert be for anybody for sure. I mean it's been really helpful allies. I don't do us what's the thing that's the most the biggest thing in therapy that you found that you sort of heard acknowledged embraced worked on it? And you're like wow that helped me exponentially I mean just in my relationships go working on it. In a moment's it helps in another moment. Cy like forget about it but like I've not always good it just like really really listening in hearing what's going on with my wife because she's more levelheaded demand more calm less stressed out and I'm always talking about what I'm stressed about like. I just think like she's got something going on. Show share that with me but you know or different than she needs. Need like talk to her like Oscar. What's up and really listening ear or I'm thinking like also offered up if she wants. That's when I'm doing constantly look I can't shut up is she. Just isn't that way so in our relationship that's been huge in. Its something that I'll probably be whereas until the day I die. I'll tell you what that right. There is fucking profound because if it doesn't help anybody else helped me just now because I'm like this. I don't know if it's because you know sometimes we're selfish this we're actors we're fucking we're in our head think of a million things got. Add and so we're constantly open about everything that's going on. We're most people aren't so we but she's just she's not you know we're different. We assume they're fine but we need to stop for a moment. Go All right. I need to fuck off for just a minute. And how are you seriously? Because I'm a self indulgent pray Ke- and I don't think I don't ever think like selfish person or like I'm all up in my own feelings because like I am constantly also worried about in other people was on the world. And it's not like I'm just thinking about me and my problems for like my Zaidi's forefront everything including our relationship instead of like I said where her anxiety is or what is she about what she feeling. So that's something I'm definitely Dude it's awesome. I think that's sound. It wasn't even advice you gave. But it's I guess inadvertently it is. It's like listening it's hard it's like sometimes just to take a minute and go. I want to say a million things right now because it's just not saying anything and just going talk to me. Tell me under thinking. It's an exercise set to. I mean 'cause like we sat Insulted you're the same way like I cared a lot about getting things right and then sometimes I think there's no way anyone around me cares as much about getting your right as I soon. I started to project and especially earlier on I used to. I'm not addicted like I can get stressed out. Might be indicated moments because I really care about getting a right and I think other people don't and I think I've come a long way. My Flash Journey is knowing where each dealing with their own shit first of all. We're all stressed out to work in our own way In trying to keep my shits myself hello good and be their father below the more. What I'm telling you know this is fun easy right. You haven't good time. I liked us. You know it's funny. 'cause I tried to get you on a long time ago and you're in Vancouver and I gotTa fucking pestering him now and the guy who's pestering interview. I used to be the actor mean. We're talking like generally I don't have the excuse right now that might work but like I'm always like I say no to every because the work is so constant and I just WanNa stay focused on and due to the best mind I rarely. Do you might as podcast book interviewed surrogate appearances. Undo don't do convention. I do a lot of extra stuff outside of the Working Denver. Did you think in the beginning? They were sort of like young kid. We'll take advantage of him interviews this this this because eventually you probably stepped up going all right. I think I could say something now. What no no. No no not really be honest that like I said I let it stress me out more than still set out like season one stuff but like I mean I did some centrally on thought. It was really cool. Like New York lacked for a lot more than I do now. Their first couple seasons was completely stoked about it. Because like my brother lives there There and you know it's cool to do like you know. It was Kelly and Michael at the time with the live with Kelly. Mike Oh cool down. A lot of it I did like set Myers. I think one year. It's a really cool like you see those shows in the that's I feel like Like made it so. It's not like I don't think it's cooler. I don't WanNa do it but I really do care more about making sure unprepared for my scenes show on sat in. I feel asking to take away from that. It's not hard for me to say you know not not. I don't have time. It's not just like I really don't have time to New York Street. Jimmy Scott Tweet next week ninety. Two Savior genetics. Yeah you do all the crossovers and Shit and I've talked to Steven Destined Mike and Danielle. I know it was hard enough to doing one ship. When you're just doing all these I mean how I mean. You probably think they're cool when you see them but shooting them probably. Isn't that much fun. I'm guessing is interesting because it's idea of them is like not fun at all to like you like. I feel like some people might say the opposite but for me thinking about doing them. You're just like I don't WanNa do it this year. Like it's so like you said so hard it's so hard make For eight days were making three to four episodes in television. Of course like three or four weeks and with production schedules. That just don't make sense and like there are moments relate. It's insane and just not human the type of conditions than ours. That were Ed but like I belive but said that it wasn't like some of the more fun more memorable moments didn't happen during the search shoots you drag them a little bit. But then when you're there and it's like this is like Brandon Ralph and Stephen were we all are so different but have all these things in common. We never get to see each other. You're laughing constantly. Yeah it's onto Italian. Like most comedy suits do you have. How many flash suits do you have and do they start to smell? After a day of we're in that Shit. Yeah look at one time. They do their best to this day. Coming on a regular basis for location I take a toothpick fans said like I I hear ago is today. I think it like right now. The current suit that I have. I WANNA say this probably to hero suits and maybe a third We constantly like mess up with pick police for harnesses and stuff but sometimes we have to one. 'cause one gets destroyed and all have to pick point in that with harnessed and then my that day they need to early wallets on stitching shot because the bought suit. Just kind of depends on like what we get is. What's the one Broadway show right? Now that comes to mind that you would love to do you love for it to be your first Broadway. Show when you're able to do Broadway that one Broadway. Show that if that was it. I don't mean hard question. 'cause there's I I could see. Allow us to get to see way. More before out soon fluctuate look at any given time. But I've seen nothing as open Broadway home. Darren Criss Buddy of mine. You know that I'm sure you know of to see one like every award. You could win like two years ago for that precisely show. He was ugly with us and he was great. When I you on Greece and I'm more than anyone else knew he was from the world knew like I'd done nothing like healthy understand what everybody's job was so welcoming. He was about to do. American buffalo with Lawrence Fish. Earns heavy Ever been abused as I was when I saw outfit. I'm actually like a real has laser. That's what I'm reading straight. Clay is I think more now would I'd love to be doing. I got to kill mockingbird this past season at a couple of friends that were in that that would be another with. Inherit some time like something like that. I can't even imagine getting to do. We do mice and men. And I'll play Lenny. Yeah you're going to have to gain thirty pounds but I could. That's GONNA be tough. It goes to my face now this beer. I said screw it. I'm going to beard for your beard. You're right and you know I. Finally I got the e e mail. Hey Dude a lobby at your hair. Looks terrible now. It looks looks good well. This is a bad angle too on my call. Grits. I'm always Jellison Steven grissom good. I think spirits Chin cartridges like religion perfect. You said some actually watching new girl last night and it was his episode. You took his shirt off. And you just like the outlawed Jesus Christ son of a bitch. I can't get away from this. You said that you said you wouldn't wear You told Stephen a male. I won't wear a t shirt on CAM with. I have to wear a blazer because look it's true it's like I've always been thin. I've always been not really buff. And then always Tom Welling around me so whenever had to do a scene like. I go you have to give me two months notice so I could work out so hard that I kind of look good. I don't even do like you know. We're not a typical chart. Show in that respect. Like the lead being like beautiful shirtless all the time like I really early on I did a few now. I'm not I'm not saying Chernoff Newmar. It's not me you got Aussie. This quarantine is the most at worked out since flex start discussing Time now I'm starting to like work out. I'm cooking for myself and I like the beard. Think you look good with a beard more Stewart. You know what I mean inside of. You is supported by better. Help online counseling boy. Do we need that now? This is something. I think that everyone of my guests including me and my listeners. A lot of them not saying all of them but you know. I think a lot of people can use this. I think everyone can use this if you're struggling with stress anxiety depression.

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