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The company this off their stories. I'm shift i'm chitra ninety three bring you interesting untold stories of people associated with the creation or consumption all software based solutions. You'll hear stories of wadsworth and sometimes what didn't you will also hear very personal experiences and insights that would trigger your thoughts and you to do even greater today. I'm in conversation with henry. Esser a senior transformation expert coach driver and catalyst with more than twenty years of leadership experience at ericsson. He's also internationally. Active in communities advancing business agility across industries in this conversation. He talks about his understanding of work as art. And the importance of craftsmanship and to become an artist. How you need to transcend. What you've learned and move to express yourself creatively. We also talk about working in international teams the impact of diversity in team to generate breakthrough ideas. And what he drives from playing an active part in communities and a lot more. Listen welcome to the software people's stories henrik simplicity. Here nice to meet you. Thanks same yet. We usually start organizations with the origin story of our guests. So if you can shed how you got into. Id what is the interest and what you've been doing all these years. That could be starting point for colonization. Now okay oh wow. Where.

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