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I I wonder if we go through his his. In just one sample. So it's not really even worth it. But we could go through his game. Log find some of those no decisions that he had. And and see where maybe if he had just come in a little bit later in kind of been in there in the heart of the middle innings there and turn it over to the bullpen late. If he could have gotten some dubs. I'm sure he could have considering that in none of his no decisions. Did he give up actually in one of his decisions gave up more than three and it was four and in three of his losses? He only gave up two excuse me. It was three two and six in those three losses. So one that's a loss. But the two and the three if those come in the opener innings and your team scorn and in different situation, you might have been good to go. So Charlie Morton as as an opener is with an opener. I am. So so so so here for it would not bother me. Even one percent now jump back onto the more obvious ones of guys that I can I think we're in the thirteen. Year six guy here. Yeah. Louise, castio right, y'all just like grown like, okay. Yeah. He wasn't kidding. When he said more obvious ones. Again, I've made it clear this off season already that. I'm just not I'm not buckling in running away after that after that first year, obviously, he didn't pan out to the level that I thought and hoped last year when I was drafting Casteel, rather high in kind of staying that I really believed in what we what we saw that. We're going to get a break out. But it also wasn't a complete dud season. He really finished strong in the second half. After after just kind of a brutal. I I mean, really the Neal tale of two halves five forty nine ers one thirty eight whip in the first two forty four point ninety seven in the second strikeouts. Went up walks came down everything was just better at that point four four Louis castio. And I feel like we kinda saw what we'd been waiting for. At least what I've been waiting for without trying to get too heavy into the confirmation by and that's what I was looking for all year. Okay. Sure. You might have been looking for that all year. But why didn't we get it early on? And is it something that is we should be fearful of repeating of seeing it repeat in the first half of this year. Then Nick Nick Pollock of pitcher lists and fireside chats. Here has speculated that maybe it has something to do with what they first half weather situation. Maybe he doesn't get going until it warms up. Because we saw in the first half of or excuse me in the sense. And half of seventeen when he broke out. In the majors. I mean, that's that was all summertime though. He broke out from a big first-half feasibly in the in the colder weather, actually, as I say that I see that he was in Pensacola, which is for as I don't know. Maybe Lewis Kathy owners like the. I'm not gonna go there yet. I don't think that that's like the the leading situation or or leading argument one way or another for Nick. So I don't want to put that on him as like tagging tabbing that to him as if it's the only thing he says with regards Lewis, Kathy is just throwing out maybe potential consideration. But again, everything was back on track in the second half. Really, obviously stemming off the fastball anytime you're gonna be putting up a five something era the way Lewis castio did for the first half five forty nine..

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