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Yeah yeah he did he might actually been raid reading from somebody out there would have been plagiarism but that's like we know that that used to be a brilliant pippen out so hacche thing when somebody like kroons like psycho lyrics to a song searching it up you know a sure that that's basically what that guy was to an interesting you brought up her looks because what we're saying if you abessole's ago if this were not an attractive woman there will be a whole different reaction i mean the fact that she might have created a new genre of point yet period on the blood on her face yeah like if that woman was at the hugging seminar might have been more open to a and i'm really sick people like that's another thing like regular looking people all the way too ugly people trying to convince us that that are our standards of beauty were somehow it's like now fucking uniform special and they should be naked and we shouldn't be upsetting with children when those ugly children and the people that like your beautiful it upsets me so much i think you're more of adults and thinking of this movement i okay boy oh boy i'm talking about where they're like the the morbidly obese runway model and nearly would wear beautiful and you're like i don't think i think undergoing a mover you should be if you're gonna get film tv movie you should be in the best fucking shea dining possibly yet or you go the other way for the laugh what you're doing it for the laugh but like to to sit there and just show off and on worked out body and say that that's brave right.

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