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Podcast one. Have you ever felt like you've wasted your gifts. You felt like I have so many things I could do so many things that I'm I'm good at or maybe have one thing that I'm good at but I haven't done anything with yet today. Fam- I wanNA encourage you and tell you that your gifts the your time have not been vein and it's not too late for you that you can start today. You can start working on your goals. You can start moving forward today and on today's episode says on and are going to share some of the struggles. We've been through to get to where we're going but also we have an incredible interview with Hal elrod. A man who is actually died before Comeback Act to life told he was never gonNA walk and eventually learn how to walk. He's got an incredible story but more than that he's not just surviving. He's thriving and living miracle life and he's GonNa share with you his keys on how to do that and how to actually achieve your goals through through his book the Miracle Equation. I'm telling you guys. It's something you do not WanNa miss an incredible story like I've never heard before and then also at the end of the episode guys I encountered something this week that was really out of body experience. Something admits <hes> pretty crazy and I can't wait to share it with all at the end of this episode now before we get into that of course we got to have a word from one of our good life sponsors here really quick so as you guys know. You've probably heard US talk about before on the show about Sun Basket Sun basket is a company that simply makes it easy for you to enjoy what you like in the simplest way possible if you haven't heard talk about sun basket before they have Paleo carb conscious gluten-free Mediterranean diabetes friendly so it doesn't matter whatever you're into. They probably got an option for you from eighteen weekly recipes everything.

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