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And so it's quite disconnected from it and say, becomes a bit of an after salt from the rest of Yorkshire east, Yorkshire Yorkshires a bit different because it's it's much more spread your kiss at the bottom of north Yorkshire, and then you've really got all the rural bit Yameen historically right. Yorkshire split into free writings, which is just looking Viking word for thirds basically. But they were east north and west, and almost every significant settlement in Yorkshire was in the west riding right evening that we now who self you. She doesn't mostly call the west riding Harleys the really significant city from over the others. I mean, York, would y'all could. Go for you for that kind of sits. I mean, the free riding is kind of going all directions from your yet in the middle say, so your case a weird one. Because basically if you if you like is Lincoln or anywhere in kind of metropolitan comfortable central London, you'll love York, and it's a great city because I've become one of you awful metropolitan tight. And so I now love York. The thing it's not proper. Yorkshire really is. Thomas trap? Yeah, it feels like it belongs in the set. We've Oxford and Cambridge. Yeah, it's a small old touristy university city like they've university is not as old, but it's, but it's like quite highly ranked, and it's even divided itself into colleges if it was like really kind of leaning into that kind of, you know, sort of Yorkshire's answer to Durham, which is done all the same things to the point where Durham trice refer to docks bridge York York has never sunk to trying to suggest is York's bridge Evert because books preached sounds absolutely ridiculous. I think it's because your just actually wants to be Oxford, a gave razor other the d. that like if you work at you are near the media, the York mafia is everywhere and must not be crossed. So. Okay. Let's let's talk about a couple of other cities. Let leads is oversee the the big one leases. Leads is kind of the biggest of an area in Yorkshire, what's what's what's lease go in for. I mean, I come at leads from a point of view where I went to university either, and of course naturally four. It was the best years of my life for war leads does over places stern is it manages that that character with an actually rather geographically very area, right? Think senior. I come be took tau in the hills of barely reaching onto Calixto and co out that way to the abbey and kind of get a little bit of that. That kind of beautiful sightseeing. That makes me feel like I'm still part of a county is heavily rural, and then I can reach into the city centre, get a Bush for pound ends up doing all of the harassing things like going round coal and gang up. So the as smashed down this tiny coupled street and then kind of reached back again in the morning and go to round her get, get free to a park, and then me everyone in Headingley the Brunell social club for pine. And some of the the best bums in the city all there. So I think in a way it feels to me like it's more my pass no tests, but I understand that things like drinking going to see music that you like plays that you love visiting some stunning out texture quite commonly shared around this country. Like it's prophecy is a bit less than the sum of its paws. I think because it's surrounded by big towns with their own identity in big cities, it's not this regional poll. If you live in Bradford, you'll go out and Bradford Sam with Sheffield, almost really disown with Huddersfield and even Halifax like these aren't failing towns where to have out you had to go to lead. So it's not got that massive pull, but it's a good identity as a city. You'll never find someone who went to you neither from outside who said, there's this massive town gowns play or anything like that. It's got a pretty sensible counsel. They're doing decent regeneration is in ruining the town center, you know, sort of lending. Old drag out malls around town. It's a pretty well run place his wicket night out. It's a really fun place to drink. I'm still cheap. Like if you have a good night, I lead and you, you messed up that is at drawn. I can see why people don't fall in love with that. There's not some amazing identity or some amazing..

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