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Parish. Hello, Mr. Parrish. Let's see. He was commenting. I was listening to the most recent episode of the non-profits while commuting this morning. And I once again heard a factual mistake about Jehovah's Witnesses that I want to correct since I hear it quite a bit. Everyone knows. Of course, the J doubles knock on your door all the damn time. Trying to convert you as it happened shortly after high school, I was going through the beginning of my philosophical investigations at the time Ajay w knocked on my door. And since I was exploring such matters at the time, I welcomed him in. I studied with him and later with his wife as well for several months the result being that I understand the j w religion pretty well. So. One thing that comes up quite a bit in my idiom podcasts as it did today is the j w belief that when he big judgment comes only one hundred and forty four thousand people are going to go to heaven. Okay. I recall this, and hey, he says wrong, the J w belief that only one hundred and forty four thousand are going to have an is indeed. Correct. But there's more to it than that. The J WSB believed that Jehovah's original purpose was for mankind to live forever in earthly paradise. They also believe that. That purpose has not changed this being the case they believe that on judgment day. There's is going to be remade into the paradise. It was supposed to be the human beings will once again be immortal living in that paradise the one hundred and forty four thousand who go to heaven are going to be kings with Christ as they put it or as I like to say, they're basically going to be middle management all of this excludes the people whom Jehovah will exclude from all all of this excludes the people whom Jehovah will exclude from either group they'll EM unredeemable sinners those individuals will be annihilated with no consciousness of any kind after death. And while I haven't actually asked I would assume that most AWS assume they're going to be chosen for earthly residence simply going by the numbers as it were. So no, it's not scoff worthy. But when atheist misrepresent the beliefs of a particular ridge religion and then laugh at the misrepresentation, we serve only to harm our own credibility. We need to not do that. All right. Thank you. Thank you. So they'll be assistant to the manager. I guess. Yes. Something like that. But will will the vast majority? The of of the seven point five billion people will live in an earthly paradise on earth fancy that it'll be immortal. I don't know whether we'll still be procreating one, which is that would swiftly lead to humans being stacked like cordwood. Dan, maybe not creating. But at least like, you know, practicing does does this. Is there a wall? Because if we keep procreating we're going to there's going to be too much of us. So yes, going to break the wall down, and then do what's outside the the paradise will. You know, again, I apart from thank you for the correction. I don't really have a whole lot. 'cause I still would laugh at that. I mean, it's still. Oh, yeah. Level. He's not saying it's not laugh of strange, but it's it's. We got there with our we got there who wrong. Cut your bullshit slightly wrong. Let me correct it. Here's what they actually in Q. We we do strive for accuracy. Right. We if we get something wrong pleased Ellis at least, they're not Scientologists. If I put my foot in my mouth, I want to know about it. So I can make a correction later on right? That happened to me last night. Oh, yeah. Someone someone posted on the atheist experience discussion board. It wasn't the the private discussion. Who is the is the open discussion page in. I was like, okay. This is obviously satire because it was a picture of Satan gargoyles statue in it looked so damn fake FM it. No, no. It was it was like a goofy. Look in kind of chubby Satan. Yeah. And he was taking a selfie Satan. The chubby little Satan baby thing was taken a selfie Louisville. Gargoyles all like weird. He found this on BBC. Check BBC to do a search for Satan. Garg oil didn't find anything tried to refine searchable a little bit still didn't find anything. I'm like. All right this at this bullshit funny, though. It's not it wasn't. It totally will I I woke up and like, okay. No. This wasn't satire. Here's some screen. Shots of my my sources. Basically you were wrong. Kevin. So I I thank him. Then I went down to the bottom. I said, I'm aren't -tracting my above comments. I always fucking wrong on both counts. Yes to wrong. Yes. We do. Strive for accuracy. Please tell us when we're wrong. Yes. We we don't want to misrepresent anyone's beliefs. No matter how ridiculous we think they are. So right with that. Would you like to take us out with the last story of the night? Absolutely what. So this is kind of shit internet apologists say asks, okay, because I'm going to have a lot of horrible horrible quotes for you guys to what? Stuff to chew on. But these are quotes from Texas representatives. No, all right. Yeah. Okay. So in other news, Texas, Republicans failed to oust Muslim official over religion. Oh, right. Read about that one. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm probably going to butcher this guy's name. But. Say lovey Shaheed Shafi is a trauma surgeon city councilman and Republican party delegates. Right. Republican county official in Texas. Yeah. The motion. So he is originally from India, and he happens to be a Muslim. And for whatever reason he's on the Republican ticket in believe Tarrant county. I can't I meant to look it up. Do you? Remember where turn county is no somewhere in Texas mill. It's one of the is the is apparently the third largest county in Texas. Oh, okay. So yeah. The motion to remove Shafi from his position as vice chairman of the Tarrant county Republican party failed by a vote of one thirty nine to forty nine. So they got they got obliterated. Luckily, right. So he he he's not being. Is not being ousted from an elected position. Now, they try okay. Simply on the grounds of his relative is religion. Yeah. What what is? What was he he was a Islam? He was a congressman Tarrant county chairman vice chairman of Tarrant county, vice chairman of Tarrant county. So I guess that's a favor mental fairly low love. Okay. Yeah. It's not like he has a taught for but they've just trying to get rid of him. Just because he was Muslim just they were forming their little religious test. I got some quotes they are doozies. So this is speaking to reporters after the vote at a church in Fort Worth Shafi said quote as an immigrant to this great country. I'm honored and privileged to receive the support of my fellow Republicans Tarrant county somewhere near Fort Worth we we are fighting for religious freedom a founding principle of our nation. And today, we have come out victorious he declared, you know, a least a has a good attitude. Consider in forty nine people tried to oust him right based solely on his religion. After he was appointed by party officials to his post in July two thousand eighteen several of his colleagues took issue with his religion. And claimed he had connections to terrorist organizations for of course. Right. Grande prairie precinct chairwoman dorey O'Brien who led the effort to oust him recently reiterated reviews in a Facebook post, quote, we don't think he's suitable as a practicing Muslim to be vice chair because he'd represent all Republicans in Tarrant county and not all Republicans in Tarrant county, think Islam is safe or acceptable. What? Right. What so with Kayla even? Okay. So my brain around that one. I if all of your constituents aren't the same religion. Then you than you can't represent them. Then you can't represent them. Right. So if not, I guess you. So if if some of your constituents are eight Theus tes, you don't represent them as a Christian. So shouldn't shouldn't you not be allowed to hold office? Either. What the fuck kind of logic is this and. One would imagine that some of the constituents are actually Muslim therefore doubtless maybe having a Muslim on the board. Or whatever position. This is. I would imagine Muslims in Texas are pretty pretty underrepresented. Probably just a little I don't know what portion of the population they make up, but you know, it's going to be the only Muslim Texas official that I'm aware of right.

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