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Scenery means so it really depends what's happening in my life and i always the perfect number comes that i can handle and i actually. I actually have a mentorship with people that i coach. You want to be coaches and things like that and a lot of what we talk about is if they feel they have the spaciousness in their schedule. For whatever number. They're wanting to take on. Because i believe the universally gives you what you can still if you are busy busy busy with all these things but sale. I'm available for ten clients a week earnings different programs like when i see clients in person. See than for three hours at a time because i do ritual. I do other things to do. Energy healing too. So you know. That's going to depend camera sessions of doing in person if it's like an online session that's also you know so it all always depends on. I feel that were only given the number that we have the space for. Yes i am sorry. We can also mean even like emotional space give. You're going through a challenging time in your life in your energies. Not at its optimal. You're not gonna get as many clients because then you won't be able to handle it right right. I i actually run At some video download chorus for therapists that are in private practice that want to have their own successful practice and in the therapy industry. There's a lot of out because a lot of therapists feel like it's almost Mutually exclusive to to help people and to charge handsomely for your time and so then they end up feeling like they have to like see like you know some inordinate amount of clients just in order to pay their bills. And i'm always trying to explain to them. You'll actually do better work nov. Give yourself a raise. And then you can carve out one or two or hover mini just pro bono hours that you wanna do. But you don't be afraid to charge. And i got a lot of heat. A lot of pushback like within the psychology community. Like as i started to find all this success. I was like all. Like i'm going to be so welcomed. You know in my community. And i found like i almost get like Hostility like sometimes you know for that approach and the idea that you know the of prosperity and that that's not a bad thing I see nine your head. And i was just gonna ask you You know yourself like with with your interesting. You know medical doctor background. How of your colleagues in your cohort. And everybody kind of responded to this. Or what other thoughts do you have about that topic. I'm this topic. Is i had to go through with the hard way myself whether as becoming a medical doctor. It's because within me the Their nate aspect of me is a healer. And sometimes there's a healer complex. I think therapists are also neatly healers. There's need what desire to help everyone. But we're not meant to help everyone. And that was always what i found limiting because if people come with their money stories and you wanna give them a discount. It's a disservice to them. Because it's enabling to stay in east kinds of like patterns where they are not living their fullest potential or. They're not making the change and also it's a form of commitment. Payment is a form of commitment. So what i found is. I just had a moment of like. I wanna live the good life. I wanna live malibu beachfront. I know that's what i need to do. My best were. And i'm an an. I like ended up hiring a coach for myself. That was more business and money related. And she was like i remember. One coaches is several could Being like it is weird that you're a doctor and your charging so little. It was like this wakeup call. Like oh my god. It's true at invested over two hundred thousand dollars to be a medical doctor than all the investment in the holistic training in all the healer medicine men. I've traveled around the world to work with to expand that part of my repertoire. Appealing the investment. Who knows if it's up to like hundreds of thousands of dollars half a million who knows that. I invested to be who i am and then take charge small amount and so one day that flipped. That's totally flipped inside of me. And now i. My like women's program is a higher ticket program if someone wants to work with me for the charge fifty thousand dollars like and that made all the difference and i flourished in such a way. 'cause i could take time for south care if i'm working with leaders it's a ripple effect i don't need to help the whole planet. I do have free content on social media on my website with my blogs newsletter. So people aren't free resources. There's plenty of them and of course if you really want that one to one time like you said there's at energy expenditure as a country you're writing side by side if you want that level of hand holding then there is the energy exchange and as we know we live in a society. Where money is the form of energy exchange. Yeah that is so well sad. I just i have to say that is so well said. I'm i may even ask you for a referral to that coach. That you're working with. I feel like i could Probably even grow myself even further in that department. That's an area of interest for me. So that's great I just wanted to also Say i really appreciate what you said about. How if somebody feels like they didn't like yoga that you say you know that they need to try a few times Because when i was teaching yoga and people would say like well. What kind of yoga do you teach. And i would say well. I don't really specialize in a particular kind. What i do is i learn a little bit about all of them because some days your body needs tonga and you know some days you just want to be in yin yoga and that doesn't mean i'm you know some big expert in each one but it's more like a mindfulness level for me and what i was trying to teach to my private clients at the time. Was that the important thing was to be able to learn and study and observe themselves in that moment and understand. What kind of practice they need to do. In that particular moment you know rather than necessarily becoming an expert on one particular school. Although i'm sure that there are situations different walks of life where that is the right move like somebody just really needs to do. I younger all the time. So i guess it's just gonna vary Well i can't believe how time has flown by. I really appreciate that. You took the time to speak with me. Is there anything. I didn't ask you about or anything that you want to say or any questions for me I guess we invite everyone who's listening to invite them to follow me on instagram. At dr nikki star. Dr nike k. I s. t. a. r. share all about my offerings and the things that i'm working within my women's program often has Ways for especially your audience's women ver- julie actively people into that new level. And i so many of the women i work with are women who are having their own businesses. And it's like helping them to like. I knew i had a client new program. We ended up tripling the price of her program because she does need to make make make some Women of course men especially especially in the coaching world in the world to remember that you are. Time is very worthy of massive compensation and that remembering is so so so important so any kind of inspirational tips. I share on my social media. And my website is dr nikki star dot com. And it's just been such a pleasure to share this information. And i'm so happy that you're talking about some of these topics that i think can be challenging for people. Yes pat chip while it was so great to connect with you Nikki have a good rest of the day you. yeah wow. That was an amazing interview with dr nikki star. I can't believe like she actually really brought me out as well in some interesting ways to you. Know she. I can see that she has a real gift for pulling people out and forgetting cheaper than what's just in our mind or just in our body that there's so much overlap between those things i just have to stay for me to it. Felt very nice to be able to talk to somebody else that it had kind of the same path that i did not have had exactly the same pash but i haven't talked to a lot of people that have a license in the medical world and who also have a certification as a yoga teacher Go the chance to just talk about some of those concepts with her. I thought was really awesome. And i hope that you enjoyed the conversation as much as i do. If you want to keep the conversation going You can always connect with me on social media. I'd love to hear your thoughts about the episode any questions or comments or just hang out where in social media. I'm always available through my video laws and all kinds of other things. My youtube channel and instagram stuff like that. So anyway i hope to see you at the next functioning. Hotspot take care..

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