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Up enough where a lot of us are going to see 90 degrees. Once we're home right now in Seattle, it's just 60 and mostly cloudy at KOMO News. Come on news time. 1 12 26 The debate over wearing masks got heated at a meeting in the state of Utah. As we hear from ABC is Marcus Moore. This is the exact opposite of what we need to be doing. We're supposed to be physically distancing wearing masks on anti masked protesters erupting in boobs. Utah County Commission suspending the meeting before debate could even begin. I think it's a political hoax. And I am against the Mass. Since when do we have a constitutional right to put other people's lives in danger? Way can't smoke in public places? A fierce debate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the city passing a mandatory mask ordinance? Stupid. Do what you're supposed to do Have your family, your friends and other people. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stead, becoming the first governor to test positive for covert on Tuesday. The same day he was seen in a meeting without a mask, still refusing to issue a statewide order. How do you enforce it? Are we going to put people in jail? The governors of Colorado and Arkansas who both previously opposed statewide mask orders now, reversing course, Alabama's governor K. I've also initially resisting mask and stay at home orders. Saying this just two weeks ago. You know you shouldn't have to or somebody To do what is just in your own best interest. But with the state setting a record for hospitalizations on Wednesday, the governor now issuing a statewide mask, order the numbers and the data over the papers, few works. Definitely trending in the wrong direction As Texas hit a record number of daily deaths, the governor now pleading with residents to follow his mask order issued two weeks ago. There's only one thing that can slow the spread. And that is by people adopting the use of wearing a face card of some sort. Target. CVS and Walgreens are following in the footsteps of WalMart program coals and will soon require masks in all of their stores. Is the covert cases continue to rise across the country? BBC's Marcus Moore on update on our ABC headlines Straight ahead, Meet Ingrid. Fiery Spirit carrying Grandma Proud trucker. I've loved more than four million miles in my room. If people knew what I know lives could be saying I was driving outside of Ohio when a gentleman stopped suddenly in front of me, but it takes my £80,000 truck 200 yards to stop. I'd given myself extra room, but it's not a chance worth taking. It's our roads. Our safety visit www dot share the road.

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