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Where sixty seven year old Charles Vander Horst of North Carolina went missing yesterday and why PD search boats were out here comb in the waters around three PM. They had no luck. And I'm told they are going to be investigating and searching again this morning, coast guard cells, as they will not be coming back here, New York, open water runs this event, the organizers say all safety. Protocols were followed here, and that all swimmers had a kayak, escort with them, each usually had someone in a kayak alongside them as a spotter during these types of events. The group says the NYPD was escorting swimmers, it's not known specifically or sees me as I said, there was a kayak with, with all swimmers, according to the organizers of the event, it's an event that began up in the Catskills last week each day, as you said, competitor swim between two bridges. Today's race is supposed to be from the George Washington Bridge down to the Verizon bridge about seven miles that race has been canceled? Cheryl MAC, the significance of the coast guard not returning. Is there any significance to that? I, I don't think we know if at this point, but we're, we're told that there it's just going to be the NYPD today. All right macaroni Berg reporting on it as we wait for the search for missing swimmer to resume near the WB talk to each other, and make sure your people know you're there for them. If you need help. Reach out for it. The NYPD is grappling with three suicides among their own in less than two weeks. We get more from WCBS supporter, Kevin ring, cone outside this precinct in the parking lot at twenty nine year old officer six years on the job shot himself inside his own car. Police say he died from that injury. I watched in the hours after his men and women from the force all over the city came here to grieve. They exchanged a few words shared a hug or handshake as they dealt with yet another suicide just within the last two weeks. The department is lost a respected chief and then experienced detective to suicide. Police Commissioner James O'Neill says this is a mental health crisis. One, the department in law enforcement as a whole needs to address in a statement, he says we need to end this crisis together on Stanton island, Kevin ring cone, WCBS, NewsRadio, eight eighty more strange things happening in the Dominican Republic. Staten Island woman becomes the latest to die. Mysteriously. There while on vacation more from CBS Tuesday, Alex gainer Alice gained of Staten Island was on a solo birthday trip to the Dominican Republic when she passed away this past Monday, Leila's, only son twenty five year old Wilcox got the news when the US embassy in the DR called him to tell him. She died of a heart attack. I do not believe you're was natural causes. I truly believe issues anywhere else in the world. Besides the Dominican Republic should be alive right now. Now, those who've died in DR Pennsylvania woman, and a couple from Maryland. They died at the same resort all the fluid in their lungs and respiratory failure. The ministry of tourism says an investigation is underway. There is so much going on in New York City. You might not even notice them, but mayor de Blasios would like to see helicopter traffic over Manhattan cut back after Monday's fatal helicopter crash onto a seventh avenue midtown Manhattan rooftop, mayor de Blasio wants to see what he called his words now a full-on ban on any helicopters going over Manhattan itself. You said police fire and news choppers would be exempt. I think we need tighter rules. Or helicopters are only allowed to go over water. The need to be strict oversight and sanctions of, England violates that and then we have to figure out how to start reducing a helicopter traffic in any way we can we're going to need federal help to do that, though. I have to tell you that we, we need a that strong regulation, that's going to take some real work on his WNYC broadcast. The mayor underlined any kind of civilian traffic should not go over Manhattan in any way, shape, or form rich lamb WCBS, NewsRadio eight eighty Napa know Napa auto care centers. We'll get a seventy five dollars prepaid visa card when you spend two hundred fifty bucks on Napa brake parts which is caused to celebrate. Because normally the sound of.

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